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Patek Philippe ‘Pink-on-Pink’ Watch Expected to Fetch Up to $4.5 Million

Patek Philippe’s ‘Pink-on-Pink’ Reference 1518—considered one of the most important vintage watches...

Trends and Fashion

Saint Laurent Debuts First Fine Jewelry Collection

Saint Laurent is finally jumping into the fine jewelry game. While the...

GemstonesGood News

GIA Confirms New 34.59 Ct. Diamond is Largest Known CVD Lab-Grown

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) announced today that its laboratory in...


Zing Zoom: Cece Jewellery Designer Cece Fein-Hughes on Her Skyrocketing Business

We’ve been keeping an eye on London-based jewelry designer Cece Fein-Hughes since...


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Trends and Fashion

10 Favorite Jewelry Looks from the 2023 Met Gala

The 2023 Met Gala on Monday night lured loads of fashion and Hollywood A-listers, all of whom paid homage to fashion designer Karl...

Trends and Fashion

Check Out Tacori’s Gorgeous New Lab-Grown Diamond ‘Allure’ Collection

TACORI is known for its bridal styles featuring elegant fine detailing. Now, the Los Angeles-based brand has released a fine fashion collection called...

Trends and Fashion

4 Trends to Shop at Las Vegas Jewelry Week

Las Vegas Jewelry Week is a mere month away (don’t panic!).  You’re probably working on your shopping lists, but don’t forget to build...

Trends and Fashion

Simone I. Smith—Jewelry Designer, Cancer Survivor and Wife of LL Cool J—Is Dabbling in Diamond Dust

“I don’t know any woman who doesn’t like diamonds,” jewelry designer Simone Smith , who also happens to be married to iconic hip...

Trends and Fashion

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Remind Jewelry Lovers Where Natural Diamonds Come From

April’s birthstone is the crème de la crème of gems—diamonds. And to toast the gem’s official month, we’re highlighting a diamond type that’s...


Sneak Peek: Photos of Tiffany & Co.’s Renovated NYC Flagship Store Dropped Today

Tiffany & Co.’s iconic New York City store, which doubles as its global flagship, has undergone a four-year renovation—the company broke ground on...

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