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Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations

Stylish Essentials

Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations

Good News

JA Announces GEM Awards Date, New Chair, and Committee

Jewelers of America announced yesterday that the 22nd annual GEM Awards will be taking place March 8, 2024, at its usual spot—Cipriani 42nd...

Trends and Fashion

Swag Style: The Festoon Necklace Enters the Chat

A festoon is any type of necklace that includes multiple metal extensions or drapes or swags of beads or gemstones as a central...

Trends and Fashion

Mermaidcore! Jewelry to Match TikTok’s Biggest Summer Trend

Posts with the hashtag #mermaidcore currently number over 299 million on TikTok. What’s mermaidcore, you ask? Only the all-out obsession with mermaid-inspired fashion,...

Trends and Fashion

Trending: The Lariat Chain is the Perfect Summer Necklace

Lariat necklaces—a.k.a. “Y” chains or necklaces—are having a moment in fashion. The versatile and charm-ready style looks chic on its own, and also...

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Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations

Trends and Fashion

Smackdown! Francesca Villa’s Incredible Wrestler Mask Rings

The work of Italian designer Francesca Villa stands out in the jewelry landscape. Not only because she creates jewels that feature whimsical...


Trade Show Security Checklist: How to Prep Your Team for Vegas, Baby!

We know many of you are in prime-time preparation mode for Las Vegas Jewelry Week, which kicks off May 31 with the...

Trends and Fashion

Cool New Collection: Marli Jewelry’s Empire State of Mind

New York City—the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” to borrow Jay-Z’s poetic description—has been a constant source of inspiration for...


‘Light of Peace’ Diamond Expected to Fetch $15 Million

The Light of Peace Diamond, formerly known as the Zale Light of Peace Diamond—a 127 ct. pear-cut diamond—is expected to sell for...


Sneak Peek: Inside Jewelry Designer Lizzie Mandler’s First Store

Fine jewelry designer Lizzie Mandler has opened her first-ever retail location in her native Los Angeles, in Hollywood’s trendy Sycamore district. The...

Trends and Fashion

Cannes’ Most Spectacular Jewelry Moments So Far

The Cannes Film Festival—also known as haute jewelry’s highest-profile showcase of the year—kicked off Tuesday in Cannes, France. And only a few...

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