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Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations

Stylish Essentials

Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations


Celebrate! Jewelry Retailers Share Their Holiday Event Plans

We know—it seems like forever since the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the guiding factor in planning for in-store or employee holiday events. But a...


Enter the Red Dragon—the Million-Dollar Ruby Ring Leading Phillips’ Holiday Auction

The Red Dragon, an opulent 6.43 ct. Burmese ruby and diamond ring, is poised to make a mic-drop of a gift for someone...

Trends and Fashion

What the Jewelry in ‘The White Lotus’ Reveals About Its Characters

If you haven’t been watching HBO’s addictive hit show The White Lotus, which in its second season chronicles the messy relationships of a...

Good News

Marissa Collections Debuts ‘The Radiance by COUTURE’ BIPOC-Designed Collection

The Radiance by COUTURE diamond jewelry collection, featuring the work of 13 BIPOC jewelry designers, is the culmination of a mentorship program created...

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Outfit of the day and quick style inspirations


What to Do and See During the Second Half of New York City Jewelry Week

New York City Jewelry Week (NYCJW) is already in mid-swing, but there are scads of exciting events happening in its final four...

Good News

Into the Metaverse: Check Out Timex’s New Watch-Themed Fortnite Game

Luxury watches drum up a lot of hype, for sure. But the best-selling watch brand in the U.S. is actually Timex—a heritage...

Trends and Fashion

Bow-and-Arrow Jewelry For Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius season begins Nov. 22, and we toast those born under the zippy zodiac sign, who are known for their magnetism, empire-building...


Hello, Bridgerton Jewelry! Shondaland Connects Fans with Show-Makers

Product bonanzas always follow (and often precede) the release of blockbuster movies and TV shows—think of the Harry Potter galaxy of products,...

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Day’s Jewelers On How a Customer Care Plan is a ‘Win-Win’

Joe Corey, president of Day’s Jewelers, jokes that there’s nothing “overly exciting” about a customer care plan when it’s first purchased. “People...

Trends and Fashion

Daniela Villegas has Dropped a Sloth-Themed Collection to Spark Your Inner Child

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Daniela Villegas is famous for her animal-themed fine jewels, which are not only adorable, but also acutely opulent....

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