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Maya Gemstones on Perfecting the Trillion and the Future of Recycled Materials

Maya Gemstones founder Olga Pekarevskaia debuted her own triangular-cut diamond in 2019 as an alternative to trillion-cut diamonds, which lag behind other...

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Behind the Design: Future Fortune’s Green Dream Muzo Emerald Colombia Earrings

What if, by some cruel cosmic force, diamonds disappeared from the earth—vaporizing into nothingness like water from a steaming soup tureen? Our guess...

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Independence Day Drip! New Red, White And Blue Styles We Love

Independence Day is afoot! Hopefully your plans for the holiday weekend include burying your feet in the sand, a good book in your...

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Alexandrite Explained: Why Designers Are Digging June’s Most Precious Birthstone

Remember the color-changing mood rings of our youth? The ones where seeing red meant you were afraid and a bloom of green meant...

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All About the World’s Largest Lab-Grown Diamond, Which Debuted at JCK Las Vegas

Lab-grown diamond producer Ethereal Green Diamond debuted the world’s largest lab-grown diamond at the JCK Las Vegas Show earlier this month. The 50.25 ct....


‘Light of Peace’ Diamond Expected to Fetch $15 Million

The Light of Peace Diamond, formerly known as the Zale Light of Peace Diamond—a 127 ct. pear-cut diamond—is expected to sell for up...

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GIA Confirms New 34.59 Ct. Diamond is Largest Known CVD Lab-Grown

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) announced today that its laboratory in Hong Kong recently evaluated the largest chemical vapor deposition (CVD) laboratory-grown...

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