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Staying Secure During Closing Time—A Checklist

Closing time in any retail store can offer moments of opportunity for criminals. There are often lots of moving parts (and people)...

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Explained: Why You Need a UL-Certified Alarm

You wouldn’t drive a car that wasn’t crash-tested or inspected. Now, apply that same logic to your jewelry business: Would you pack a...

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10 Costly Security Mistakes Jewelers Make

Last week we wrote about the groups of roving “distraction” thieves hitting U.S. jewelry stores, and how they work to purposely confuse salespeople...

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4 Common Employee Lawsuits and How to Prevent Them

An employee at your jewelry store always arrives late for his shifts. After repeated verbal warnings, his behavior hasn’t changed, and you decide...

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What to Consider When Shopping for Jewelry Inventory Software

Accurate and comprehensive inventory records can make or break a jewelry business. Jewelers who can quickly identify fast-selling, high-margin items can maximize their...

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Jewelry Thieves Often Impersonate Others—Here’s How to Thwart Their Act

Even if you have solid store security, your establishment isn’t immune to thieves who are willing to get creative to pull of a...

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The Difference Between Priority Mail Express and Express Mail

With endless options for shipping jewelry and numerous opinions on which is best, shipping can be confusing.   Adding to the perplexity is...

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5 Reasons Why Criminals Target Shopping Mall Jewelers

Did you know that jewelry stores in mall locations are a leading target for a variety of crimes, particularly smash-and-grab robberies? It seems...

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What to Do Before, During, and After a Jewelry Store Robbery

One minute you’re taking inventory, the next…   “GET DOWN! DON’T MOVE OR I’LL SHOOT!”   SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Doors slam. Tires squeal. Silence…...

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4 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Store

To quote Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” And, at least in the northern half of the U.S., the coldest season can render...