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Sweet Shop: Atelier d’Emotion Curates New York-Made Indie Jewelry—And Has a Designer Waiting List

Atelier D’Emotion, a classic New York City-style jewelry shop with ornate tin ceilings and mosaic tile floors, is a feast for the...


Sweet Shop: Jewelry Store Tiny Gods is a Feast for the Eyes

Like so many college graduates, Mary Margaret Beaver moved to New York City to seek out her professional calling. In the aughts, she...


Celebrate! Jewelry Retailers Share Their Holiday Event Plans

We know—it seems like forever since the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the guiding factor in planning for in-store or employee holiday events. But a...


Maine Tourmaline: Everything You Need to Know About the Northeast’s Snazziest Gem

The great state of Maine may be most famous for its blueberries and lobsters, but gem hounds know it’s also renowned for its...

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Succession Stories: There’s No ‘Right Way’ to Exit Jewelry Retailing

Now that the pandemic largely is the rear-view mirror, store owners nearing the end of their careers have pivoted back to contemplating jewelry...


The 411 on Retirement Sales: Q&A With Wilkerson & Associates’ Josh Hayes

Succession in jewelry retail can be clear-cut—say, an owner has a son or daughter who’s keen to take over the store when he...


Is A Slowdown in Luxury Spending on the Horizon?

Many fine jewelry retailers broke all-time sales records in 2021. But there are worrisome new economic indicators afoot that suggest consumer spending could...


Best Sellers: Retailers Share Their Top-Selling Men’s Jewelry Styles

In general, men are getting more playful when it comes to jewelry. Cases in point: in wedding bands we’re seeing a shift away...


Layaway is Helping Jewelers Close Sales Online—Is It For You?

“Layaway” may be one of the least dazzling words in the English dictionary. For many, the word surely conjures up TV ads featuring...


Best Sellers: Retailers’ Top-Selling Bracelets 

It’s spring, and summer’s on the way. Which means it’s officially arm party season! “Arm parties” refer to wrists stacked up with bracelets...