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Trends and Fashion

The Signet Ring Shines On: Our Favorite New Signets and A Brief History of the Style

The signet ring, one of the oldest and most enduring jewelry styles, has become a chic staple of modern fine jewelry design....

Beck bracelet
Trends and Fashion

Emerging Jewelry Brand Beck Centers Caribbean Style—Lady Gaga’s a Fan

In the worlds of fashion and design, reactions to the pandemic largely fall into one of two camps: some envisioned a need for...

Trends and Fashion

It’s Electric! Neon Jewelry Is Coming on Strong for Summer and Beyond

Judging by the bevy of just-dropped collections, jewelry designers are ready to get this party started. Or restarted, that is.   After the...


How to Evaluate and Buy Emeralds: Advice from Muzo Emeralds’ Gabbi Harvey

Emeralds have been riding a wave of popularity, wooing customers at the very highest end with their rarity and unique character. Christie’s 2017...

Trends and Fashion

Shoot for the Moonstones: New Designs Featuring June’s Mystical Birthstone

June babies have the distinction of claiming two of nature’s most lustrous gems as their birthstones: pearls and, even more uniquely radiant, moonstones....

Trends and Fashion

Pearls Were Already Cool, Now They’re Playful

Don’t worry, we’re not going to say, “these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls.” At this point, that’s a given. The lustrous gems have been...

Trends and Fashion

New Jewelry Featuring Aquamarine—A Gem Forever Linked to the Sea

Perhaps more than any other birthstone, aquamarine is intrinsically linked to Pisces, the water sign that rules most March birthdays and is typically...

KHIRY Gold basket drop earrings
Trends and Fashion

Check Out Buzzy Young Jewelry Brand Khiry’s First Fine Collection

Last year was a huge one for Jameel Mohammed. The 27-year-old designer and founder of jewelry brand Khiry earned a spot on Forbes...

Trends and Fashion

Gismondi’s Latest Jewels Riff on the Humble Paper Clip

All those months in lockdown forced us to get back to basics and reacquaint ourselves with the simpler things in life. While some...

Trends and Fashion

Green Dreams: Jade’s Been Prized for Millennia, and a Crop of New Designs Shows Why

In the long history of mankind’s fascination with adornment, few stones can rival jade’s enduring appeal. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend,...

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