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frozen pipes
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Here’s How to Prevent Frozen Pipes—One of Winter’s Biggest Threats to Your Store

Let’s talk about one of the biggest threats to your jewelry business during winter months—your pipes. Not only can they freeze, but they can also burst, causing...

Power grid
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How to Protect Your Jewelry Business When the Power Goes Out

There are many reasons the power could go out at your jewelry business that don’t involve crime: high winds, a major storm, a traffic accident,...

Jewelry case
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How to Spot (and Stop) Employee Theft at Your Store

Because of the high value and highly portable nature of the merchandise, a jewelry store can be a tempting place for both prospective...

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Signing a New Commercial Lease? Here’s What to Look Out For

Commercial leases are notoriously complex, chiefly because there are several different types of them. If you’re in the market for a new space,...

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6 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Delight Your Employees During the Holidays

It’s a proven fact: recognizing and rewarding employees for a job well done increases employee engagement. And during the holidays, when everyone in...

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Jewelry Store Thefts and Holiday Shopping—What You Need to Know

As you prepare for the busy holiday shopping season, remember that thieves come out in full force in November and December. Blending in...

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What Jewelers Need to Know About Responding to Activated Alarms

JEWELER SPOTLIGHT: Brian Stamey, International Diamond Center   Dealing with false alarms can put stress on your security system and cost you time...

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5 Tips for Thwarting Crime When Driving with Jewelry and Gems

Private showings have become more common in the jewelry and gem industries during the pandemic. And while they’re a great way to facilitate...

Strip mall
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10 Ways Strip Mall-Based Jewelers Can Lower Their Risk of Break-Ins

It’s distressing. Burglaries have become more frequent at jewelry stores located in strip malls throughout the U.S. and Canada in recent months.  ...

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Do You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Hiring and firing decisions are some of the most difficult ones a manager or business owner makes.     And occasionally, liability factors into...