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Design Details: Jovana Djuric’s Horus Rings are Precious Flights of Fancy

Wings—attached to birds, butterflies, and as ethereal standalone elements—are ubiquitous motifs in jewelry design. The ancient Egyptians put wings on scarabs and...

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Gem Legacy’s Summer of Aid in East Africa

In recent years, there’s been an increased focus in the jewelry and gemstone industries on corporate responsibility and transparency, largely driven by consumer...


What to Expect at JCK Las Vegas, LUXURY, and Couture This Year

Las Vegas Jewelry Week, happening Aug 22-30 this year, will be a smaller affair than in years past. International travel is down due...

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How to Fold Philanthropy into Your Retail Business—Tips from Ethos of London

London-based online fine jewelry platform Ethos of London is known for its selection of dazzling high jewelry from marquee designers including Silvia Furmanovitch,...


Agenda: August’s Top Jewelry Industry Events

As the U.S. slowly reopens following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more jewelry and gem trade events are returning to live, in-person...

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Black in Jewelry Coalition President Annie Doresca on BIJC’s Challenges and Triumphs

The Black in Jewelry Coalition, a consortium of Black professionals dedicated to the inclusion and advancement of Black professionals in the gem and...


Watch Out! D.C.’s Tiny Jewel Box Expands its Rolex and Patek Philippe Showrooms

Washington D.C.’s political elite love luxury watches. A Swiss-made timepiece is as common a sight on the Senate floor, in Capitol Hill boîtes,...