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16 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Employees and Special Clients—2022 Edition!

First, let’s get one thing clear: If you can manage it financially, there’s no better employee gift than a cash bonus, especially...


Zing Zoom: Gemology Geek’s Erica Silverglide on Her Uncommon Place in the Industry

Welcome to Zing Zoom, our video series that features bite-sized video interviews with some of the industry’s most interesting, delightful and dynamic members!   This...

Good News

Into the Metaverse: Check Out Timex’s New Watch-Themed Fortnite Game

Luxury watches drum up a lot of hype, for sure. But the best-selling watch brand in the U.S. is actually Timex—a heritage brand...


Sweet Shop: Atelier d’Emotion Curates New York-Made Indie Jewelry—And Has a Designer Waiting List

Atelier D’Emotion, a classic New York City-style jewelry shop with ornate tin ceilings and mosaic tile floors, is a feast for the eyes—and...


How to Evaluate and Buy Emeralds: Advice from Muzo Emeralds’ Gabbi Harvey

Emeralds have been riding a wave of popularity, wooing customers at the very highest end with their rarity and unique character. Christie’s 2017...


Does Scent Sell? We Ask a Store Fragrance Expert

It’s one of retail’s best-kept secrets: There is an entire industry dedicated to perfuming our in-store experience. And most of the time, we...

Good News

Meet the 3 Jewelry Designers Nominated for GEM Awards 

Independent. Powerful. Unique. Those three words describe not only the brands, but also the entrepreneurs, behind this year’s nominees for the GEM Awards...

Trends and Fashion

Shoot for the Moonstones: New Designs Featuring June’s Mystical Birthstone

June babies have the distinction of claiming two of nature’s most lustrous gems as their birthstones: pearls and, even more uniquely radiant, moonstones....

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Jewelers Mutual’s Studio Offers Retailers Turn-Key Jewelry Photography

In jewelry retailing, it’s important to remember this: 93 percent of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in their...

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