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Gaelle Khouri
Good News

Lebanese Designer Gaelle Khouri Reboots Business After Lebanon’s Financial Crisis

Seismic global shifts can reshape individual lives. Such was the case with Lebanese jewelry designer Gaelle Khouri, who’s known by collectors and...

Security camera
JM Intel

Explained: Why You Need a UL-Certified Alarm

You wouldn’t drive a car that wasn’t crash-tested or inspected. Now, apply that same logic to your jewelry business: Would you pack a...

Good News

Diamonds Do Good and Mine Training Society Help Students in Canada’s Northwest Territories

If you live in Canada’s frozen Northwest Territories, you probably know more than the average person about diamond mining, through sheer proximity to...

postal envelopes
JM Intel

The Difference Between Priority Mail Express and Express Mail

With endless options for shipping jewelry and numerous opinions on which is best, shipping can be confusing.   Adding to the perplexity is...

Good News

B Corp Brands Are Catching On—These Are the Only Jewelry Brands That Have Made the Grade

In 2021, consumers have easy access to virtually all of humankind’s accrued knowledge—thank you, Internet! Many even enjoy doing light background checks (a.k.a...

Trends and Fashion

Behind the Design: Jacquie Aiche on Her Chic New Rainbow ‘Shaker Twiggy’ Necklace

Among Jacquie Aiche’s latest round of pieces is a necklace so luxurious in composition and so downright juicy-looking, it’s a bona fide mic...

Good News

This Jewelry Industry Foundation Helps Schools Raise Funds for Holocaust Education Programs 

Jewelry industry veteran Ann Arnold grew up knowing her father was a Holocaust survivor, but she didn’t anticipate that his story would eventually...

Good News

Everything You Need to Know About the Ethical GemFair 

The Ethical Gem Suppliers—a new-ish collective of gem dealers that are focused on transparent supply chains and educating the industry and consumers on...

Good News

Into the Metaverse: Check Out Timex’s New Watch-Themed Fortnite Game

Luxury watches drum up a lot of hype, for sure. But the best-selling watch brand in the U.S. is actually Timex—a heritage brand...

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