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RetailThe Zing Minute

The Zing Minute—Retailer Edition! 60-Second Chats from the Floor of Las Vegas Jewelry Week

The Zing Report team set up a Zing-themed filming booth on the show floor of JCK Las Vegas to tape a series of one-minute...

Oculus Westfield World Trade Center
JM Intel

5 Reasons Why Criminals Target Shopping Mall Jewelers

Did you know that jewelry stores in mall locations are a leading target for a variety of crimes, particularly smash-and-grab robberies? It seems...


Zing Zoom: Talking Shop with Retailer Jenny O. Calleri

Welcome to our first edition of Zing Zoom!   This new “snack-able” video series will feature 10-minute chats with some of the industry’s most...

keys in door
JM Intel

Home Security Tips for Jewelers: Procedural Security

State-of-the-art security systems are great crime deterrents at both your home and business. But these gadgets can be costly. The good news is...

Omi Woods hero
Good News

3 Emerging Sustainable Fine Jewelry Brands to Watch

Jewelry trade shows are officially back, but with the delta variant still circulating in the U.S., many retailers still aren’t traveling—which means they...

Trends and Fashion

Emeralds “May” Be the Most Fashionable Gem To Wear Right Now

Those born in the month of May are lucky to have classic emerald as their birthstone, The glorious green gem is universally beloved...

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