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Trends and Fashion

Design Details: Jovana Djuric’s Horus Rings are Precious Flights of Fancy

Wings—attached to birds, butterflies, and as ethereal standalone elements—are ubiquitous motifs in jewelry design. The ancient Egyptians put wings on scarabs and depicted...

nail art jewelry
Trends and Fashion

Nail Art is a Huge Trend Right Now—Here’s How Jewelers Can Get in On It 

Poke around Instagram lately and you might have noticed that manicures have recently transformed from basic, solid colors to opulent artistic canvases, particularly...

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What Jewelers Need to Know About Responding to Activated Alarms

JEWELER SPOTLIGHT: Brian Stamey, International Diamond Center   Dealing with false alarms can put stress on your security system and cost you time...

crime scene
JM Intel

What to Do Before, During, and After a Jewelry Store Robbery

One minute you’re taking inventory, the next…   “GET DOWN! DON’T MOVE OR I’LL SHOOT!”   SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Doors slam. Tires squeal. Silence…...

Trends and Fashion

Jaw-Dropping Jewels from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, which is easily the dressiest and most glamorous film fest of the bunch, is happening this week in France....


What to Expect at JCK Las Vegas, LUXURY, and Couture This Year

Las Vegas Jewelry Week, happening Aug 22-30 this year, will be a smaller affair than in years past. International travel is down due...

M.S. Rau redesign

Celebrated New Orleans Jewelry Dealer M.S. Rau Debuts Stunning Store Transformation

M.S. Rau, which has been operating in New Orleans’ picturesque French Quarter for 109 years, is widely considered to be one of the...

frozen pipes
JM Intel

Here’s How to Prevent Frozen Pipes—One of Winter’s Biggest Threats to Your Store

Let’s talk about one of the biggest threats to your jewelry business during winter months—your pipes. Not only can they freeze, but they can also burst, causing costly...

Trends and Fashion

Ombré Jewelry is Setting the Tone for Spring

If a customer’s craving color, rainbow gemstone concepts are plentiful, and decidedly on-trend. But for those who prefer something monochrome—but also acutely modern—an...

EAT Gallery

Holiday Prep: How Kentucky’s EAT Gallery is Getting Ready for the Season

With COVID-19 making it difficult to gather during the 2020 holiday season, Katherine Cotterill, longtime manager of independent jewelry and gem boutique EAT...


Steal This Post: 8 Memorable Holiday Instagrams from Jewelry Retailers

’Tis the season to social media post your heart out! And jewelry retailers all over the U.S. have been doing a spectacular job...

Trends and Fashion

Emeralds “May” Be the Most Fashionable Gem To Wear Right Now

Those born in the month of May are lucky to have classic emerald as their birthstone, The glorious green gem is universally beloved...

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