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Gaelle Khouri
Good News

Lebanese Designer Gaelle Khouri Reboots Business After Lebanon’s Financial Crisis

Seismic global shifts can reshape individual lives. Such was the case with Lebanese jewelry designer Gaelle Khouri, who’s known by collectors and in...

Good News

WJA and Jewelers Mutual Offer $5,000 Veteran Grant

Jewelers Mutual Group is partnering with the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) to award WJA’s 2022 Veteran Grant: a $5,000 merit-based grant awarded to...


Hello, Bridgerton Jewelry! Shondaland Connects Fans with Show-Makers

Product bonanzas always follow (and often precede) the release of blockbuster movies and TV shows—think of the Harry Potter galaxy of products, which...

Trends and Fashion

Montana Sapphires: The American Gem Has Become a Favorite with Designers and Jewelry Lovers

Montana Sapphires aren’t only beautiful—surfacing from deposits in a spectrum of pretty, cloudy colors made transparent and more intense through heating (in over...

Strip mall
JM Intel

10 Ways Strip Mall-Based Jewelers Can Lower Their Risk of Break-Ins

It’s distressing. Burglaries have become more frequent at jewelry stores located in strip malls throughout the U.S. and Canada in recent months.  ...

Melissa Quick president of Steve Quick Jeweler

Zing Zoom: Steve Quick Jeweler’s Melissa Quick on Love, Equality (Pride Maids!), Instagram, and Starting Out as a Journalist

Welcome to Zing Zoom, our video series that features bite-sized video interviews with some of the industry’s most interesting, delightful and dynamic members!   This...


Sneak Peek: Inside Jewelry Designer Lizzie Mandler’s First Store

Fine jewelry designer Lizzie Mandler has opened her first-ever retail location in her native Los Angeles, in Hollywood’s trendy Sycamore district. The buzzy...

Trends and Fashion

Cool New Collection: Marli Jewelry’s Empire State of Mind

New York City—the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” to borrow Jay-Z’s poetic description—has been a constant source of inspiration for designer...

Trends and Fashion

Ray Griffith’s Dazzling Pendants Are a Cut Above the Slew of Charms on the Market

In a jewelry market currently crowded with lovely-but-simple charms, designer Ray Griffiths’ versatile pendants feel especially artisanal, and acutely special.   The Australian-born,...

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