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Trends and Fashion

Emeralds “May” Be the Most Fashionable Gem To Wear Right Now

Those born in the month of May are lucky to have classic emerald as their birthstone, The glorious green gem is universally beloved...

On the Road

On the Road: New York City Jewelry Week

Welcome to On the Road. This time, we’re chronicling our adventures last week at New York City Jewelry Week (NYCJW), which had us...

Bobs Watches Rolex hero

What’s Next for the Pre-Owned Watch Market? A Chat With Bob’s Watches’ CEO

Bob’s Watches is an unassuming name for a luxury watch retailer. But the e-commerce company, founded in 2010 as the Rolex Exchange by...

Adornment and Theory store

Here’s What Jewelry Retailers Are Stocking Up On For the Holidays

“Record year.”   “On fire.”   “I’ve never seen anything like it.”   These are just some of the sentiments we heard from...

Trends and Fashion

Q&A: Julie Lamb on Winning FGI’s Rising Star Award

Julie Lamb has been creating jewelry for over a decade for clients and companies including Avon, but officially launched her fine jewelry brand,...

Trends and Fashion

Q&A: ‘House of the Dragon’ Jeweler Jessica De Lotz, Who Also Did Jewels For ‘Killing Eve’

The first season of Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon culminated last week in darkly dramatically style (no spoilers, we promise)....

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Secrets Revealed: Custom Jeweler Changes The Way He Buys Diamonds

August of 2020 marked a paradigm shift in how the industry will conduct business in the future. That’s when the Zing by Jewelers...

On the Road

On the Road: AGS Conclave 2021

Welcome to On the Road! We just returned from Dallas, site of this year’s American Gem Society (AGS) Conclave event.   After a...


Everything You Need to Know About New York City Jewelry Week 2021

It’s that time of year again—time to toast NYC as a global capital for jewelry design, education, and manufacturing. The fourth annual New...

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