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KHIRY Gold basket drop earrings
Trends and Fashion

Check Out Buzzy Young Jewelry Brand Khiry’s First Fine Collection

Last year was a huge one for Jameel Mohammed. The 27-year-old designer and founder of jewelry brand Khiry earned a spot on Forbes...

Good News

Smiling Rocks Earns Butterfly Mark Certification for Sustainability Efforts

Philanthropic diamond jewelry brand Smiling Rocks now has more to smile about. The New York-based company has been awarded the Butterfly Mark—a designation...

DiamondsGemstonesTrends and Fashion

Maya Gemstones on Perfecting the Trillion and the Future of Recycled Materials

Maya Gemstones founder Olga Pekarevskaia debuted her own triangular-cut diamond in 2019 as an alternative to trillion-cut diamonds, which lag behind other cuts...

Sterling King earrings
Trends and Fashion

Former Ballet Dancer Sterling King Spins Out Accessibly Priced Jewelry for the Fashion Set

How could an individual named Sterling King be anything but a jewelry designer (or perhaps a silver miner)? But it was more than...

Lab grown diamonds
Good News

5 Facts About the Largest Known Lab-Grown Diamond

It’s official: the biggest lab-grown rough diamond on record is blue—and British.   Lab-gemstone producer Meylor Global, based in the U.K., recently announced...

Trends and FashionWatches

The Most Expensive Watches Owned by Musicians

Major music artists are among the most enthusiastic watch collectors—they’re in the public eye so often, and sporting a new, classic, or cult-favorite...

Trends and Fashion

Barbiecore! Jewelry Joins In On The Viral Trend

If you’ve been seeing lots of electric pink on Instagram recently, or have wondered why celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Hailey Bieber, and Lizzo...

Trends and Fashion

Ombré Jewelry is Setting the Tone for Spring

If a customer’s craving color, rainbow gemstone concepts are plentiful, and decidedly on-trend. But for those who prefer something monochrome—but also acutely modern—an...


Lightbox is Now Selling Fancy-Cut Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lightbox, the De Beers-owned lab-grown diamond brand, announced last week that it’s added fancy cuts—princess, baguette, and cushion—to its inventory of loose lab-grown...

Power grid
JM Intel

How to Protect Your Jewelry Business When the Power Goes Out

There are many reasons the power could go out at your jewelry business that don’t involve crime: high winds, a major storm, a traffic accident,...

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