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About Us

The Zing Report is a new editorial platform for members of the jewelry and gemstone industries, brought to you by the bright minds at Jewelers Mutual Group, and featuring some of the industry’s most respected business-to-business writers and reporters.

When Jewelers Mutual Group launched the Zing platform in August 2020, the customizable web-based platform offered our existing products and exciting new partnerships with industry leaders including IDEX and Gemworld. With The Zing Report, we’re adding a chattier dimension to the Zing universe.  

“Celebrating our Industry” is our tagline, and it also embodies our mission: we’re focused on the people, companies, organizations, and artistry that make us proud to be a part of this dynamic, global industry.

Expect coverage on jewelry and gem trends, retail news and how-tos, trade show coverage, and profiles of industry members who practice philanthropy, sustainability, and other modern virtues in inspiring ways. You’ll also see a steady stream of industry insights, security tips, business how-tos, and more under the JM Intel tab.


Let us know what you think! And please follow us on Instagram at @thezingreport and on Facebook.



Mark Smelzer, Chief Content Executive, [email protected]

Emili Vesilind, Senior Content Editor, [email protected]

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