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The Demi-Fine Jewelry Market is Growing—Check Out 5 Demi Brands We Love

“Demi-fine” is one of those jewelry terms that has multiple definitions. It can refer to jewelry collections that are sterling silver, vermeil (gold over silver), gold-plated, or a mixture of all three. However you define it, we can agree that demi-fine is the tier of jewelry that sits between costume and fine jewelry (demi meaning “half” in Latin).

For department stores and larger online jewelry retailers, it’s been a bread-and-butter tier for decades—filling a white space for consumers looking for glam statement styles that don’t cost the equivalent of a mortgage payment. In 2023, it’s a fast-growing category within jewelry, due to its accessible price points and influx of thrillingly creative designers working in the space.

A study by Globe Newswire estimates that the demi-fine jewelry market was worth roughly 1.92 billion in 2021, but will reach approximately 6.5 billion by 2030. Its growth factors, according to the study, include jewelry consumers’ desire to express their personal style through jewelry acquisitions, along with the easy gift-ability of demi-fine jewelry—due to its roughly $100-$400 price tag.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular (for good reason) demi-fine jewelry brands on the market:


Ben-Anum by Isaac Manevitz pieces

Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz

Bergdorg Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Net-a-Porter are all devoted retail clients of Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz, a longstanding demi-fine jewelry collection that borrows from ancient civilizations (notably Ancient Egypt and Rome) and the 20th century heydays of bold jewelry—the 70s and 80s—in its colorful designs, the bulk of which are electro-played in 24k yellow gold. The quintessential New York City jewelry brand is a longtime member of the prestigious Council of Fashion Designer’s of America (CFDA), and collections are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in its NYC Garment District atelier. (This writer’s owned three pieces of 24k-plated Ben-Amun for over 20 years and the plating still looks new.)


Bounkit amethyst and blue quartz earrings, $396 (on sale for $260 now)


Influential indie jewelry retailer Marissa Collections stocks a wide range of big-gemstone, party-ready earrings from New York City-based demi-fine brand Bounkit—presumably to offer fun, colorful, and well-priced impulse merch for its affluent clientele. And Bounkit pieces, handcrafted in 14-plated brass using vividly colored “semi-precious” gemstones such as amethyst and agate, are completely irresistible. Founded by Hassan Bounkit, the atelier’s huge number of skus is as impressive as its sophisticated-yet-playful aesthetics.


Earrings by LUV AJ


Slightly less “fine” demi-fine jewelry brand LUV AJ is a longtime staple for Nordstrom and Revolve, among other retailers, due to its talent for  churning out cutting-edge-trendy jewelry (gold-plated) tailored to young consumers who aren’t yet willing or able to invest in $500 gold hoops and other fine jewelry staples. The Southern California-based brand offers Jennifer Fisher-esque earrings (so many hoops and huggies) that look great, for a fraction of the price of the pure gold styles they’re riffing on.


The new all-crystal parrot ring, already sold out, from Swarovski


The jewelry and crystal heritage label isn’t expressly known as a demi-fine brand, but the bulk of its baubles are crystal set in gold- and silver-plated metals. And since signing on as global creative director of Swarovski Group in 2022, former top stylist and fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert has turned the legendary crystal atelier into a jewelry powerhouse specializing in mid-priced, high-drama looks. Her latest drop: a bold and fun cocktail ring showcasing an all-crystal parrot ring (see it above).


Rosantica ‘Battito’ necklace, $580


Saks Fifth Avenue, Matches, and Net-a-Porter all stock Milan-based demi-fine brand Rosantica, which offers glittering—again, oversized—crystal and brass pieces. Founded by Michela Panero, who worked in several high fashion maisons in Milan before striking out on her own, the brand fuses elements including faux pearls, crystals, tassels, velvet, silks, and chain with fine jewelry artistry.

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