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Behind the Design: Future Fortune’s Green Dream Muzo Emerald Colombia Earrings

What if, by some cruel cosmic force, diamonds disappeared from the earth—vaporizing into nothingness like water from a steaming soup tureen?

Our guess is that emeralds would slip right into the top gem spot. The glamorous gemstone, which is most revered in bright green, can be far more valuable than diamonds, and is often more prized among jewelry lovers and collectors.

Muzo Emerald Colombia produces some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable emeralds, and has a long history of partnering with terrific designers to create memorable designs. One of its recent collaborations is with Jessica Olds, founder and designer of Los Angeles-based jewelry brand Future Fortune, who used Muzo emeralds, diamonds, and 18k yellow gold to bring a stunning pair of long-line earrings to life (see them above and below).

We checked in with Olds to see what inspired her beautifully verdant earring design.

The Zing Report: Hello, Jessica—congrats on all your successes! How did you end up collaborating with Muzo on these fantastic earrings?

Jessica Olds: Thank you so much! The wonderful Randi Molofsky at [jewelry branding firm] For Future Reference made the introduction with Muzo Emerald Colombia, and we are beyond thrilled to collaborate on these earrings!

Top and above: Future Fortune X Muzo Emeralds earrings, price on request

Can you describe the stone selection and the parameters regarding stones? Did the stones inform the design or did you have the design worked out already? 

I had a hint of an idea in my mind to craft a beautiful pair of earrings, however, it wasn’t until I laid out all the stones and started sketching out the concept that the design came to life.

The gradation of color as the earrings move from top to bottom is so pretty; what made you opt for that instead of choosing a uniform green?  

I love mixing light to dark shades of gemstones into my pieces to incorporate an ombre effect. Muzo emerald has the prettiest shades of emeralds, from bright green to light minty green, and I thought it was perfect to combine both shades of green—keeping the design true to my aesthetic.

The diamonds in the square bezels are so interesting—why square? Why dual bezels? 

The princess-cut diamonds are inspired by my new collection, Kaleidoscope, which features bezeled square stones throughout. It was a desire to connect the emerald earrings with a design element from the new collection, and the princess-cut diamonds worked so perfectly with the earring design.

Did you sketch this design first, or how did you come up with it?  

The creative thought processes began with a sketch, inspired from the emeralds themselves.

What do you love most about the finished design? 

There is so much that I love about these earrings! Starting with the vibrant emeralds, the gradation of colors from top to bottom, and the square bezels adding a modern touch. I love how the earrings are timeless, but also feel contemporary at the same time.

How do you feel about emeralds as a designer? 

As a designer, I hold emeralds in the highest regard and with abundant admiration. Emeralds are a timeless symbol of beauty and elegance. Working with emeralds is rewarding and so much fun, as they bring a beautiful element to the designs—making the jewelry a little extra special.

All photos courtesy of Future Fortune

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