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Mermaidcore! Jewelry to Match TikTok’s Biggest Summer Trend

Posts with the hashtag #mermaidcore currently number over 299 million on TikTok. What’s mermaidcore, you ask? Only the all-out obsession with mermaid-inspired fashion, jewelry, makeup, decor, school supplies, beauty, hair accessories, candles, beads, iPhone cases, and just about every other category of consumer product in the universe.

While “quiet luxury”—the stealth-wealth, anti-logo mode of dressing inspired by the super-wealthy characters on the show “Succession”—is catching on with Millennials and Gen-Xers, Gen-Z is keeping things considerably lighter this season with Mermaidcore, which was inspired at least in part by the much-hyped release of the live action remake of The Little Mermaid.

Pearls, the only fine gemstone that originates in the water, are a natural for any Mermaidcore look, and TikTok is filled with #mermaidcore posts showing creative, handmade jewels using the luminous gem. Fine jewelry retailers can (and should!) jump on the trend on their social channels using the #mermaidcore hashtag on all pearl and sea-inspired styles.

Here are a few of our favorite oceanic looks, all of which are giving (elevated) #mermaidcore.

Hannah Blount Sea Nettle Mother of Pearl Scrimshaw Earrings, $2,240


Francesca Villa Rainbow Sapphire Acapulco Being crystal ring, $6,019


Prada necklace with shells, $1,620
Kismet by Milka Dominica earring, $1,280
Grainne Morton Moon and Star Shell Drop earrings, approximately $434


Sofia Zakia Mermaid Shell Pendant Necklace, $665


Hannah Blount Phoenix Shell Cameo Ring, $1,930



Nine Roses Shell charm necklaces, $300


Top: Bibi Van der Velden ‘Crashing Waves’ necklace in 18k white with rose gold dolphins, embellished with white diamonds and a large, luminous pearl at its centre. 

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