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‘And Just Like That’ — The Best Jewelry Moments From Season Two So Far

The second season of Sex and the City spinoff And Just Like That kicked off last week, and already the creative, chic, and often over-the-top styling and costumes in the series have gone viral on social media. For good reason—show costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago are masters of the sartorial mashup, striking just the right balance between edgy, kooky, luxurious, and prep.

They’re also highly skilled jewelry stylists, and we’ve been happy to see so many memorable moments where jewels play a c0-starring role in the first three episodes.

Here are some of our favorite looks so far.


Nicole Ari Parker as glamorous mom-in-charge Lisa Todd Wexley (LTW!) is always in ultra-bold, chunky jewelry, and loves an oversized necklace.


Layered necklaces are a daily look for Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in ‘And Just Like That,’ and this pretty stack includes pink beaded necklaces from jeweler Emily P. Wheeler


Carrie’s jewelry designer neighbor, Lisette (played by Katerina Tannenbaum) is always out on the edge with her style, and we love this spacey-ethereal jewelry look.


It seems to us that power realtor Seema (played by Sarita Choudhury) has taken the place of Samantha as the most overtly glamorous character on the show. We love her bold-but-earthy jewelry here and in nearly every scene.


This long beaded necklace spent the entire scene pulled akimbo—tucked into a bra strap—an intentional look that reflects Sarah Jessica Parker’s penchant for the necklace-under-bra-strap looks (really, she does this in her real life!)


A major pendant necklace pulls together this slinky, dramatic look for Seema.


LTW in a Cartier Santos watch and chunky gold cuff and earrings next to Charlotte (Kristin Young) in her usual big diamond stud earrings.


Top: Nicole Ari Parker (as Lisa Todd Wexley) and Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) giving good jewelry in the second season of ‘And Just Like That.’ All photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery

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