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4 Trends to Shop at Las Vegas Jewelry Week

Las Vegas Jewelry Week is a mere month away (don’t panic!).  You’re probably working on your shopping lists, but don’t forget to build time into your schedule to wander the aisles without an agenda; you never know who or what you’ll bump into at the largest U.S. jewelry event of the year.

And while you’re strolling, keep these four trends—all of which have been percolating in the market but now feel poised to bubble over into ubiquity—in the forefront of your (seriously overstimulated!) mind.


Cece jewelry gold and enamel pendant from the brand’s new Travelers Tales collection

Art + Jewelry

The classic diamond jewelry customer will always be there. But in fine fashion, designs are in general getting artier and more unique-feeling. Case in point: the roaring return of Surrealism in jewelry, catalyzed by the incredible work of heritage fashion house Schiaparelli, but also practiced by loads of other jewelers, including Sauer, Francesca Villa, and Tasaki. Now, jewelry collections that merge fine art with precious materials are in ascension. Collections including Cece Jewelry (intricate painted enamel) and Castro Smith ( skilled and creative engraving) have already been picked up by the most trendsetting retailers in the industry, including Twist and Catbird. While in Vegas, keep a look out for offbeat-feeling cameos, enamel illustrations, intricate engraving, and the like.


Maya Gems’ new Lilibet collection features “Maya-cut” pink morganite

Pink, Pink, Pink

Blame it on the forthcoming Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which has resurrected “Barbie Pink” and similar hues throughout its pre-release marketing blitz. But pink gemstones have been on the rise since morganite began turning everyone’s head in 2019. Now, brands including Boucheron and Maya Gemstones have made pink the focal points of their latest collections. It’s a wide-reaching trend; translucent pink gems in particular are an easy sell, whether they be morganites, tourmalines, pink diamonds, spinels, or simple rose quartz. There surely won’t be a shortage of pink product to peruse in Vegas this year, so keep your eyes peeled for all things rosy.


Emilie Shapiro’s 70s-ish ‘Gaia’ pendant featuring kyanite, aquamarine, tanzanite, ruby, labradorite, emerald, rose quartz and grossular garnet

1970s-Inspired Styles

NYC-based jewelry designer Emilie Shapiro recently debuted a series of bold rough-cut kyanite necklaces and earrings that hearken back to the bold, handmade art jewelry popular in the 1970s. Riffs on the decades’ voluminous styles—think long necklaces made from semi-precious gems and nontraditional materials such as wood, and bold gold disco-ready jewels—have been cropping up all over: see Swarovski’s bellybutton-grazing gemstone pendants on long chunky gold chains and these Cult Gaia gold statement earrings. If you think your clients would dig a little ’70s style, aim for long chunky necklaces utilizing colorful gems, statement cuffs in glossy gold, and gleaming gold cuffs and hoops.


Greenwich St. Jewelers’ in-house Chroma collection’s colorful Bouquet rings

Color Riots

A few years back, it seemed like every jewelry manufacturer had at least one piece in their collection with rainbow-colored gems. That trend was, as the kids say, “literal fire.” It’s been a while since a color combo has been as impactful, but we may be at the start of something similar now. Multi-gem designs featuring unusual color pairings are a trend that’s been growing faster than tiger’s trot. Brilliant Earth’s house-made Toi et Moi gemstone rings in bright duo-hues, which debuted during the COVID-19 jewelry shopping frenzy, have been a top seller since. And colorful in-house jewelry brand Chroma at Greenwich St. Jewelers in NYC fabricated a series of multi-stone rings based on floral bouquets made by local florists featuring surprising and bright color combos. The happy-feeling trend makes sense—consumers simply cannot get enough of color in 2023, but they’re looking for the new and next.


Top: A 1970s-feeling Swarovski gold-tone pendant necklace from the brand’s Millenia collection, $430

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