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Jewelers Mutual’s Studio Offers Retailers Turn-Key Jewelry Photography

In jewelry retailing, it’s important to remember this: 93 percent of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in their purchasing decisions. Which means that in e-commerce, a high-quality picture is probably worth far more than a thousand words. Fine jewelry is a visual art (and craft), so capturing its beauty in razor-sharp detail is crucial to retailing the category successfully online.

But establishing a pipeline of high quality product photography can feel inaccessible for some retailers. Jewelry photography is a specialty, and independent professionals who do it well command high fees; the standard price of a single photo of a piece of fine jewelry hovers around $50 in metropolitan areas. Retailers typically need 4-8 images of a single piece, so costs for quality imagery can add up quickly.

Which is why Jewelers Mutual Group (JM) has created a turn-key solution for jewelry retailers in need of a steady stream of high-quality product photography for their online and promotional initiatives. Studio, JM’s new luxury photography service, was designed specifically for the jewelry industry, with quality, reliability, and security built into its framework.

A stack of rings photographed by Jewelers Mutual’s new Studio photography service

Benjamin DeBoer, JM’s Senior Director of Corporate Innovation & Development, says, “Good product photography is one of the things we recognized the need for through talking to our retailers. We kept hearing that over and over. Because you can take your own photos, but your photography is only as good as your equipment. And it takes time to photograph jewelry well, which retailers don’t typically have much of.”

With Studio, jewelry retailers don’t even have to be in the same room when their product when is being professionally photographed. They simply mail in the pieces they want photographed using Jewelers Mutual’s popular next-day shipping service, for a flat fee of $60. All items are fully insured in transit both ways, and JM ships them back to stores within one week.

A Studio photograph showing the fine details of a delicate ring design

From Studio, retailers receive expertly edited, high-resolution photos that show the true colors, fire, luminescence, facets, reflections, and dimension of their items—captured in files pre-sized for various uses, from small and square for Instagram, to crisp and mid-sized, perfect for print assets, and finally, hefty and high-resolution for use on billboards and other large-scale displays. Retailers download images directly from their account on the Zing dashboard and can also opt to have jewels captured in a 360-degree spin video.

Ultimately, says De Boer, “This service is really an equalizer for independent retailers. Having this superior quality photography makes you competitive with everyone else who’s selling jewelry online.”

Top: Jewelry pieces photographed by Studio at Jewelers Mutual

Click here to learn more about Studio, and to start using the luxury photography service today.

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