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Louis Vuitton’s Band Instrument Brooches Blared in Paris

When’s the last time you considered the beauty of a French horn’s coil or the elegance of the flared end of a trumpet? That’s a never for me, too. But Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director for Louis Vuitton, locked in on the refined, classic forms of band instruments when conceptualizing the jewelry for the house’s fall 2023 collection.

Models walked the runway in Paris earlier this week wearing chunky knitwear and scarves pinned with intricately articulated brooches (and a pendant necklace or two) depicting the French horn, the trumpet, the flute, the baritone, and the sousaphone.

It was thrilling to see the bold and subversively quaint pieces in a fashion season that’s seen a decline in exciting and notable jewelry in general. And I love that Ghesquière elevated band instruments, motifs that have long been relegated to novelty jewelry makers (who wears trumpet brooches aside from high school band directors?). A delightful move.

Ghesquière told Vogue that the starting point for the collection was the question, “What is French style?” adding, “It’s an ambitious question, but being at Vuitton you have a certain responsibility because the name of the brand is so strong in the world.”

The question now is, will any of Ghesquière’s many celebrity friends don a tiny instrument for the Oscars this coming weekend? Hollywood, I dare you!

Photos courtesy Louis Vuitton

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