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5 Jewelry Trends Instagram’s Top Fashion Influencers Are Wearing

Many of Instagram’s most influential fashion superstars have hundreds of million followers—they reach more people than any one movie or TV show every could. Which is why the jewelry they wear in their carefully styled photos and videos can be of real consequence to the jewelry market; these social fashion pros move the needle on trends.

So, let’s see what they’ve been wearing lately…

Big Button Earrings

The 1980s-inspired bold button post-back earring has returned—part of a slow-moving shift from dainty jewels to more voluminous bling that began last year. Alexa Chung, Duo Lipa, and countless others on the ’gram have been dabbling.


 Toi et Moi and 2-Diamond Rings

Vrai, Brilliant Earth, Greenwich St. Jewelers and other style-centric retail-manufacturers have been on the ball producing Toi et Moi rings on the heels of Megan Fox’s divine Stephen Webster-designed engagement ring reveal last year. And the classic style has been popping up on social media with regularity. Related: the two-diamond ring with a pair of really big mixed-cut diamonds). Queen influencer Chiara Ferragni wears one frequently.


Piled on Short Necklaces

Short and layered necklaces are everywhere on Instagram. Chunky chain styles are popular, as are pearl shorties: fashion influencer Aimee Song’s been wearing a thinner pearl short necklace with a slightly longer chain necklace for weeks.

Top and above: @haileybeiber

Brightly Colored Pieces

Y2K fashion has roared back into style (have you seen Justin Beiber in his wraparound sunglasses and baggy raver jeans?!), and with it the acid-bright colors that were popular in that era. The collective need for neon is extending to jewelry!


Chubby Hoops

The tubular hoops of 2021/2022 (think Jennifer Fisher’s tubes) have given way to smaller-but-even-thicker hoops amongst Instagram’s influencers—a chic update on the ever-evolving style, methinks.



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