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First Look: Mathematics, America, and Fatherly Love Inspired Jamie Turner Designs

Robert Turner, a real estate magnate and avid gem collector based in Austin, Texas, was looking for a unique piece of jewelry for his daughter a few years when he came up empty-handed—and decided to create one himself.

Turner teamed up with master jeweler Patrick Dobbs to make the piece, and the pair worked so well together, they decided to harness Dobbs’ expertise and Turner’s impressive gem and mineral collection to form a real-deal jewelry brand, Jamie Turner Designs.

“I’ve always been fascinated by math and the way it shows up in nature,” says Turner, who’s also the CEO of Austin-based real estate investment firm Wentwood Companies. “It started with a simple mathematical curve as the focal point of the collection.”

Dobbs adds, “We are always exploring tensions. Irregular shapes set on precise curves; cutting-edge technology married with age-old craftsmanship—it’s what makes our pieces so unique.”

From left: Patrick Dobbs and Robert Turner, cofounders of Jamie Turner Designs

The company is named for Robert’s daughter, Jamie Turner, who acted as a sounding board and Robert’s “toughest critic,” when the collection was in development, says Turner. The American West is another source of inspiration for the company’s cofounders, who shot their first look-book for the collection against the endless skies and funky rock formations in Moab, Utah.

The collection, which is made in the company’s new workshop in Austin, utilizes 18k gold exclusively, and so far employs colored gems including tsavorites, spessartites, Tanzanite, azurite, Boulder Opal, and turquoise. Prices range from $750-$7,000 for core designs but can ramble up to $16,000 for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Embracing ’70s-ish curving metal forms and rugged patinas—both of which feel like nods to Brutalist-era jewelry—the collection’s aesthetics do feel like a notable departure from the mainstream. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the recently launched brand.


18k yellow gold bracelet with Tsavorite garnets, $4,800

18k gold and blue zircon pieces
 Cascade Hematoid Quartz Pendant, $10,020
18k white gold Double Cadence ring with pink sapphire, $2,450 
18k yellow gold and Boulder opal Curve necklace, $13,730

All photos courtesy of Jamie Turner Designs

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