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5 Great Jewelry Moments From Fashion’s Fall Runways

Fashion Month is upon us! And though the international fashion runways—and the designers and brands that present on them—certainly had more influence in shaping trends in the pre-social media era, I’d argue that designer fashion’s sway is strengthening, not waning.

Why? The worlds of designer fashion and celebrity are merging. Louis Vuitton recently named hip-hop and street style superstar Pharrell as its new creative director, and there’s talk around the Internet of the dawn of the celebrity magazine editor (one hasn’t yet been named, but can’t you see it happening?).

So yes, it’s good to follow what’s happening on the runways, which, incidentally, still lure legitimately influential A-list celebrities. And we’re here to help—below, see some of the most memorable jewelry moments from the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, and Milan (Paris Fashion Week starts next week!).



Above and below: Master of minimalism Michael Kors accessorized his sleek fall collection with giant gemstone pendants on silver.



Above and below: Anna Sui harnessed ’60s-era Flower Power in her show, styling models with short and waist-length pastel flower pendants.



Layered and chunky gold chains and 80s-style gold earrings brought tough glam to Moschino’s show.
A melty peace sign pendant and chain belt worn over a knit skirt suit subverts the classic chain-and-tweed Chanel suit.



A regal spirit—underscored by rich, colorful fabrics and a series of jeweled headdresses—runs through La Double J’s fall collection.
Bold, mid-century inspired jewelry recalls the heyday of Bakelite.



Models at Coach donned single (plastic?) transparent earrings—a wearable and youthful-feeling accessory.
A Gatorade-hued single earring—very Y2K-inspired.


Top photo: A look from La Double J’s fall 2023 lookbook (courtesy of La Double J)

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