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Hearts of Gold: Valentine’s Main Motif in a Dozen New Jeweled Ways

The first time the heart connected with a crowd as a symbol of love was thought to be in the 14th century when a widely seen illustration of a cupid throwing arrows and roses at bystanders included hearts, according to an article on the shape’s origins in Time magazine.

Fast forward to 2023, and the heart is a ubiquitous symbol of affection. And it’s been used in jewelry design for hundreds of years. It’s a classic motif, yes, but the heart is in its post-modern years—so along with signifying amour, hearts can (and do) also function as cheeky, campy, or ironically juvenile symbols in design.

And while many motifs in design have a short shelf life, the heart—which hasn’t been as popular as it is now since the 1980s—has been enticing jewelry buyers for the better part of a decade now. And since it ’tis the season to celebrate sweethearts (Valentine’s Day is less than a month away), we put out a call to designers and brands to show us their latest heart-astic jewels. Here are a dozen we fell for hard.


Guita M heart stud earrings in 18k yellow gold with pink sapphires and red rubies, $2,000


Brooke Gregson Pipe Opal Heart Drop earrings, $9,400


Moritz Glick Amora Heart Pendant,$7,500



Storrow 14k gold lapis Anna heart ring, $2,395


Ritique Illusion Halo Heart pendant necklace in 18k white gold and diamonds, $4,990



Grace Lee Cora Single-Sided Pendant on O Bracelet $1,180


ITA Yarí “Tesoro” nugget charm pendant in 14k yellow gold with champagne diamonds, rhodolite, citrine, blue topaz, sapphire cabochon, emerald, and sapphires, $3,750 (not including chain)


EFFY rose gold and diamond ring, $1,816


Lionheart Lucia Heart Charm in 14K yellow gold, diamonds, and rubies, $2,295


Ali Weiss Double Pave Heart Studs with chain in 14K yellow gold with diamonds, $475


The Last Line Green Amethyst Juicy Heart Huggie, $625


Top: Anna Maccieri Rossi Art Heart Charm, $7,480

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