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Bella Thorne is Celebrating Valentine’s Day With ‘Love & Armor’

If Bella Thorne isn’t a name you know, it’s okay—but over 25 million people follow the actress, musician, author, and social personality, on Instagram, most of them beguiled by her modern-feeling glamour and irreverent persona. 

She’s beautiful, yes, but also charming, level-headed and loquacious, the magnetic free spirit you might meet at a party who you could listen to all night. And as of last year, she’s in the jewelry space. Created in collaboration with a Los Angeles-based jeweler and diamond dealer, Thorne Dynasty launched with a concentration of tough-luxe collars, bold, chunky metal links, and dagger motifs. There are pearls (far from dainty) and barbed-wire twists. There are evil eyes and there are crocodiles “because I’m from Florida, I wanted something that felt like it really represented me and my hometown” she said during a meeting with this reporter roughly a month ago. 

Bella Thorne

The aesthetic of the line also references the grandeur of a bygone era: “When I was small-town girl growing up, I really loved watching older movies and things about like the Renaissance era and Shakespeare and kings and queens and things like that, and kind of glamorized that in my head. But the other half of me is very tomboy, and very much more on the grungy side.”

The latest collection drop, which she dreamt up with Valentine’s Day in mind, plays to this soft-meets-hard idea and is fittingly called Love & Armor. 

“I love large statement pieces and wanted to create something big, bold, and glittering while still being able to layer and mix and match to create unlimited unique looks,” Thorne said in a prepared statement on the inspiration behind the collection. “The collection is for people who want to explore both their soft side filled with hearts and cherubs while pushing their boundaries with chunky statement pieces.” 

Endless Love necklace in 14k gold-plated brass and baby crystal hearts, $88
Sweet Nothing ring in silver and CZ, $65


As the collector of not one, not two, but three heart tattoos,  Thorne was born ready for a line pegged to Valentine’s Day. Below, a conversation with her about Love & Armor and her many other romantic visions (and obsessions) when it comes to wearing and creating jewelry. 

The Zing Report: Talk to me about hearts in this line. I know you have those heart tattoos…

Bella Thorne: I’ve always kind of loved the expression “Wear your heart on your sleeve.” I think I take that maybe a little bit too much to heart. Sometimes wearing your heart on your sleeve can get you in trouble. And then other times it makes the most wonderful people attracted to you, and wanting to talk to you, because they also wear their hearts on their sleeves. I’m definitely a hearts girl.

Did you know exactly what your version of the heart shape would look like?

We wanted to go fatter. Some of the smaller, thinner hearts look a little too cartoony or hand-drawn to me. This heart looks like a vintage heart, like one that’s been with us for a long time. An heirloom. And yet it still feels hard, and a little bit more on the grungy side which I like.


Heart of Gold necklaces in silver (left) and 14k gold-plated brass, $80 each


There’s also an element of fantasy coming through very strongly in both your core line, and also in some of the Valentine’s Day motifs. Where does that come from?

I’m a big fantasy person. I feel like that’s one of my favorite things, from the whimsical, like Alice in Wonderland, to the darker Guillermo del Toro sort of fantasy. Everything in that range to me is awesome. And I think that we’ll see that reflected in our future commercials, campaigns and in the artsier parts of the brand.  


Fallen Angel necklace in silver with pearls, $165 
Large Fallen Angel huggies in silver with CZ, $125


When did you first discover that you loved jewelry?

When I was young, I would see my dad get pieces for my mom like when someone was born or to mark different proud moments, and I’ve always remembered that. To me that was what jewelry was for. It was for special things.

Then I think as I got older, I started experimenting with jewelry for style. I found myself asking the question, What does this jewelry piece say about the kind of person that I am? And then I became much more intrigued by jewelry design in general, especially when I went through my heavy rock ‘n roll phase. That’s where all the grunge stuff comes in. 

Do you remember your first fine jewelry purchase or gift?

Yeah, it was Cartier. The Love bracelet. And it fell off! I lost it! 

Are there certain pieces that you wear every single day?

The Forbidden Truths pearl bracelet and two crocodile rings from my collection; one I wear as a pinky ring. It depends on what I’m vibing with, but I like to mix three of my necklaces for every day. I wanted to design pieces that are comfortable, and that you can sleep in because I sleep in all my jewelry and I don’t take it off. 

Tell me about this beautiful pear shape diamond ring you’re wearing? 

Isn’t this so pretty? I love diamonds. That’s where I spend all my money. I got it custom made by a jeweler and I love the double-halo because it just gives you that ultra-glistening effect of a bigger rock. 

You have your hands in a lot of different business ventures but where does jewelry fit in? Where do you want to take the line?

Jewelry is my main thing right now. I think it will be for a long time. I wanted to build a brand that really has a home in other places, like we want to do a chair and a leather keepsake box with a gold crocodile on the lid. For me, it doesn’t just stop at the jewelry but obviously jewelry would be the main home for the brand. I’m excited to see where we can take it.

Top: Heart to Heart rings in gold-plated brass with CZ and crystals, $78 each

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