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The Zing Report’s 5 Most Popular Stories of 2022

Goodbye 2022! This is our final story of the year. And reflecting back on the last 12 months, we find we’re most grateful for you. Why? For giving The Zing Report—still a relative newbie on the jewelry media landscapethe chance to wiggle its way into your weekly reads.


We know you’re inundated with choices when it comes to B2B media sources, so thank you for reading The Zing Report. And if you’re not a subscriber, please know it’s free to become one right here.


While we’re in the looking-back mood, we’ve rounded up the five most-read Zing Report articles this year—the ones that ricocheted around social media and were shared voraciously on email. As we scrutinized this website’s analytics to compile the list, we were reminded of how hard it is to predict which stories will connect with readers, and which will tumble into the Internet’s bottomless wastebasket. Who could have forecast, for example, that a story we wrote on B Corp-certified jewelers in mid-2021 would continue to net hundreds of new readers a month? Or that, as you’ll see below, a straightforward (but artfully written) story by TZR contributor Kareem Rashed on new aquamarine jewelry would be the most-read article of the year? It’s always a surprise.


And as we celebrate a year and half of The Zing Report, we invite you to reach out to us (editor-in-chief Emili Vesilind at [email protected] and Jewelers Mutual content executive Mark Smelzer at msmelzer@jminsure) with topics you’d like to learn or hear more about. For example, what info would be helpful to you going into January’s Tucson shows?


Until then, here’s a look at the five most popular TZR articles of 2022. Have a very merry holiday season, Jewelry Pros. We look forward to seeing you on the road in the new year!



Christina Alexiou 18k gold Aquamarine Star Charm, $3,035

New Jewelry Featuring Aquamarine—A Gem Forever Linked to the Sea

We rounded up some of our favorite modern aquamarine jewelry designs, while imparting a bit of juicy jewelry history starring the beloved pale blue gemstone.


Lika Behar bracelet
Lika Behar bracelet

Best Sellers: Retailers’ Top-Selling Bracelets

Contributing writer Kristin Young talked to Lee Michaels’ Jewelers, Boston Diamond Company, and others to find out which bracelets sold like hotcakes this summer.


Brooches Are Back in Style—Van Cleef & Arpels’ School Highlights Their Fascinating History

A circa-1950s 18k gold Van Cleef & Arpels Ballerina brooch with emerald beads currently for sale for $58,000 on 1st Dibs

In case you haven’t noticed, the bold brooch is making a comeback. And TZR contributor Roxanne Robinson got schooled (and then schooled us) in the history of the brooch at a Van Cleef event earlier this year, penning this super-interesting story.


Designers Are Putting Diamonds and Gems into Plastic Jewels and They Look Amazing

Tessa Packard plastic and aquamarine ring

The craze for color and the demand for cuter price-point jewelry gave rise to the trend of pairing real gems with plastics in 2022—read about it here.


David Yurman’s New Chief of People Aims to Make the Brand 50 Percent Diverse by 2027

David Yurman invested in its corporate culture this year with the creation of a new C-suite role called Chief of People and Strategy. We talked to Emily Yueh, the former partner at McKinsey & Company who David Yurman tapped for the role.


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