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Daniela Villegas has Dropped a Sloth-Themed Collection to Spark Your Inner Child

Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Daniela Villegas is famous for her animal-themed fine jewels, which are not only adorable, but also acutely opulent. Villegas is essentially a high jeweler—many of her pieces are “price on request,” and in the recent past she’s debuted her collections of intricately wrought creatures in Paris during Couture Week.


Her brand-new collection, called Inner Child, may be her most whimsical, and turns on an unlikely animal: the sloth. For the series, Villegas designed a single, round-bodied sloth pendant that’s set with various gemstones set in its teddy bear-ish tummy and comprising its eyes. The design is darling, and deeply feel-good.


“I created this piece to honor our inner child and rewrite the unpleasant parts of our childhoods with an opportunity to heal and remember who we were before circumstances told us what to be,” Villegas writes in the collection’s look book. “These necklaces can activate the magic within you. The sloth spirit will remind us to be strong and ensure what life brings us, rather than allowing problems to steal our joy and peace.” Sounds terrific to us!


Here’s Villegas’ lighthearted sloth in a few different gem options.


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