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Bow-and-Arrow Jewelry For Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius season begins Nov. 22, and we toast those born under the zippy zodiac sign, who are known for their magnetism, empire-building tendencies, and good humor (Cosmopolitan calls Sagittarians “the comedians of the zodiac.”)


The Sagittarius symbol is an archer as a mythical Greek centaur—a half-horse, half-human creature who wields a bow and arrow. This makes sense because for an arrow to propel forward, it needs to be pulled back first. But once released, an arrow can’t be stopped. It’s this balance between foresight and fortitude that makes the bow-and-arrow a natural symbol for charismatic, action-oriented Sagittarians.


Here, we gather arrow-themed jewelry to honor all the “Sags” in our midst:


Jennifer Meyer single diamond Arrow stud, $875



Sydney Evan gold and diamond Marquis Eye Arrow Ring, $815

Bena Jewelry diamond Arrow 14k white gold earrings, $750

Foundrae 18k gold and diamond Dream Golden Key pendant, $3,300

Jane Gordon 14k gold Infinity & Arrow Lariat Necklace, $3,225


Digby & Iona Petite Arrow Band with black diamonds, $640

Tiffany & Co. Paloma’s Graffiti Arrow Bracelet, $300


Jacquie Aiche two-row pave Arrowhead charm curb chain necklace in 14k gold, $4,500


Daniela Millan Arrow Ear Cuff, $100


Zoë Chicco 14k Gold Arrow Station Necklace, $450


Top and above: Anita Ko Single-Point Arrow Cuff, $4,850

The Bow Jewelry Arrow earrings, $150


Top and above: Sorellina 18k gold and diamond Bow and Arrow Lover’s Pendant necklace, $2,900



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