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Behind the Design: Jacquie Aiche on Her Chic New Rainbow ‘Shaker Twiggy’ Necklace

Among Jacquie Aiche’s latest round of pieces is a necklace so luxurious in composition and so downright juicy-looking, it’s a bona fide mic drop in jewelry form.


Shown below, the designer’s new Gemstone Shaker Twiggy necklace features a kaleidoscope of gems—pink tourmaline, tanzanite, apatite, pink tourmaline, diamonds, rainbow opal, kunzite, and citrine—centered by a turquoise teardrop.


But it’s not just the mix of pleasing colors that makes this piece so spectacular. It’s also Aiche’s deft hand in mixing transparent and creamy stones (a delicate undertaking, aesthetically) to achieve her trademark bohemian feel in a near-high jewelry design—it’s priced at $16,000.


We caught up with the Los Angeles-based designer to find out how she ideated and conjured this colorful creation.


The Zing Report: Hi, Jacquie! What inspired this beautiful necklace design?


Jacquie Aiche: The idea of this design came to me so organically. I love reimagining my designs. I envisioned our Twiggy [a pre-existing style] in a shaker style with gemstones and diamond teardrops. And when I have a vision of something, I always grant myself the freedom to create it. I follow the magic and see where it takes me.


What’s your attitude about multi-colored pieces? What do you strive for in pieces that have lots of color?


I love playing with color in my designs, but for me it has always been about the magic found in the gemstones. In creating this piece, I spent so much time sifting through my crystal collection and finding what combinations of minerals work well together. When I’m selecting stones, I really love to take my time with them; each one has an energy and its own unique power. I look for how they influence my mood and what positive feelings they inspire within. What I love most about our Gemstone Shaker Twiggy necklace is that when you wrap yourself up in its beautiful gemstones and diamond teardrops, everything feels a little brighter.


Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche


Were there any challenges you overcame in the designing or fabrication of this necklace?


I will say creating this piece took patience. There are endless variations of gemstones to choose from. But when a set of stones blend well together, I feel it intuitively. The time and heart I put into selecting the gemstones for this piece is what makes it so special to me.


The turquoise in the center works so darn well, but you wouldn’t think it would. How did you know that’s what you wanted in this otherwise transparent-gem piece?


Turquoise is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful healing stones. It is known for keeping vibrations high and energy flowing freely so that your mind, body, and soul feel balanced. It only felt right to me to have it at the heart of this piece.


You are a master of mixing boho with luxe, and this necklace personifies that aesthetic! What do you think is important when mixing the two tones/styles?


I believe when you adorn yourself in the right piece of jewelry, it can be incredibly transformative. You instantly feel a shift within yourself, and you light up with confidence. Fine jewelry is very luxurious by nature. And of course, whether you’re in a t-shirt and jeans or a little black dress, there’s no better feeling than being layered in diamonds and gold. But adding a bohemian touch to the beauty of diamonds and gold feels so authentic to who I am. Gemstones honor the freedom, joy, and love I feel every time I connect with Mother Earth. I love mixing the wild with the refined. It’s my signature.


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