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Kinn and Rachel Nosco Launch a Collaborative Jewelry Collection—And It’s Gorgeous

Here’s a cool new jewelry collab for you: Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand Kinn has launched its first-ever joint collection, designed alongside social influencer and stylist Rachel Nosco.


The eight-piece collection features a selection of stunning diamond and 14 gold rings and one diamond-accented necklace. Kinn, which was founded by designer Jennie Yoon in 2017, is known for its on-trend bridal styles, always in gleaming gold with diamonds and gems.


The pair originally worked together on Nosco’s personal bridal band, and Nosco wrote on Instagram that, “we loved how it turned out so much, we decided to design a small capsule collection of pieces together. Jennie is one of my favorite jewelry designers and her pieces are truly timeless (yet modern) heirlooms to wear forever.” The collection is available exclusively on Kinn’s website, and prices for pieces range from $820-$2,500.


The capsule’s centerpiece, the Provence Diamond Crown Ring, is a plain gold band encircled with diamonds set tiara-like on “top” of the circle. The modern-feeling, playful look that acted as a jumping off point for the other pieces in the series, which includes a vintage-feeling pendant necklace and looped bands. “The collection highlights Rachel’s passion for antique pieces and showcases her knack for jewelry design,” wrote Yoon in her own Instagram post.


Kinn founder and designer Jennie Yoon and Rachel Nosco


14k gold and diamond L’Amour Interlocking ring, $1,820


14k gold Le Chat pendant with diamond, $1,080


The collection’s centerpiece—the Provence Diamond Crown Ring, $2,480



Top photo of pieces from the Kinn X Rachel Nosco collection (all photos courtesy of Kinn)


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