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10 Halloween-Ready Jewels That Are Fabulous All Year Long

Halloween isn’t the most bustling holiday for jewelry retail. October is a notoriously busy month for families with kids, and the holiday season hasn’t really begun, so consumers aren’t out in the world buying gifts in any real way.


But it is one of the most fun holidays for jewelry styling. Jewelry brands on all tiers make Halloween-ready styles depicting ghosts, ghouls, skulls, snakes, spiders, witches, and the like. But when iconic Halloween imagery meets fine jewelry materials, you get jewelry styles that are wearable all year long.


Skulls aren’t specific to Halloween, but certainly boast a scary flair—and have been a longtime favorite of fine jewelry brands including Theo Fennel, Talon, and Julez Bryant, who gilds two-dimensional skull pendants with intricate etching and low-profile gems. Snakes, which have been used in jewelry for as long as jewelry’s existed, are another natural Halloween-to-everyday motif.


But my favorite Halloween-ready styles are more tongue-in-cheek, like Sofia Zakia’s Ghost pendant, which features glinting diamond eyes and a Casper-like bedsheet body cast in luxurious 18k gold (see it below). Because not every piece of jewelry should be dead-serious. Especially ones nodding to the most fanciful holiday of the year.  —Ruby Baybei



Sofia Zakia Diamond Ghost Necklace, $600



Bittersweets NY Beyond is All Abyss ring, $2,530



Acid Queen Winged Prophetess sterling silver and obsidian necklace, $235


Theo Fennell Devil Horn Mammoth Ivory Skull ring, £11,950
Loree Rodkin Spiderweb ring with black diamonds, $17,600


Yessayan 14k gold Skull Diamond pendant necklace, $5,500


Helen Ficalora 14k gold Spider Coin charm, $500


Foundrae Small Crested Seal, $1,950


Julez Bryant Skor Skull earrings with black diamonds and pink sapphire, $2,238



Oxbow Skull Signet ring with Montana Sapphire eyes, $1,300



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