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Venice Film Fest Jewelry: Major Diamonds, Ring Parties, and Timothée’s Glittering Brooch

The Venice Film Festival rivals the Cannes Film Festival for sheer fashion fabulosity—and velocity. What do we mean by that? Only that the duration of days may feel normal to the celebrities attending the festival. But for fashion, jewelry (us), and beauty watchers, the frenzied media coverage of the 11-day event makes it seem as though starlets are doing head-to-toe costume changes in the screening room bathrooms. The volume of fashion we see from Venice is downright dizzying.


Let’s slow it down and talk jewelry. Voluminous, gemstone-laden earrings have been everywhere—Rachel Brosnahan, Sydney Sweeney, Julianne Moore, and Greta Farro are among the stars who’ve worn dazzling, shoulder-dusting earrings this week. And complicated multi-piercing earring looks, a style that’s still going strong after several years of mega-popularity, have also been ubiquitous: Florence Pugh has been wearing a mashup of small earrings daily, sometimes with a hoop in her septum piercing—a pretty-punky look if there ever was one.


Diamond statement necklaces have also cropped up, and rings worn in multiples—as opposed to the usual single statement diamond ring—are also everywhere. Harry Styles has been wearing his usual fistful of Gucci cocktail rings (see below), while actress Sadie Sink donned a set of plain, all-metal Alexander McQueen antique silver rings so plain, they affected silver-toned Band-Aids (but chic!).


Here are our favorite Venice Film Festival jewelry looks culled from the avalanche of photo calls this week. Prepare for lots of Gucci—this is Italy, after all:


Olivia Wilde in Gucci gown and jewelry (courtesy of @kccritics)


Sadie Sink in Alexander McQueen dress and “antique silver jewelry” (courtesy @alexandermcqueen)


Top and above: Jodie Turner-Smith in Bulgari jewelry and Christopher John Rogers dress (courtesy @waymanandmicah)



Timothée Chalamet’s Killer Brooch
Timothée Chalamet in Celine ensemble and brooch-like jewel. Is it a brooch? Part of the cardigan? We want to know! (courtesy @labiennale)



Julianne Moore in Cartier diamond and emerald earrings and bracelet (video courtesy @cartier)


Tessa Thompson in Marc Jacobs dress and Pomellato jewelry (courtesy @tessamaethompson)


Tilda Swinton in Alaia gown with (attached?) metal bangles (courtesy @labiennal)



Harry Styles in Gucci outfit and rings signing autographs (courtesy @1dlover13.28)



Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci dress and jewelry (courtesy @waymanandmicah)


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