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Barbiecore! Jewelry Joins In On The Viral Trend


If you’ve been seeing lots of electric pink on Instagram recently, or have wondered why celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Hailey Bieber, and Lizzo have been stepping out in shockingly pink outfits—we’re talking all pink, with shoes, jewelry, and handbags to match—you’ve caught a glimpse of Barbiecore, a viral fashion trend that celebrates intense pinks and Barbie doll-esque looks à la rhinestone sneakers, sparkly nails, towering platform heels, and short, flouncy skirts.


Anne Hathaway embodying Barbiecore at the Valentino couture show in July (courtesy @erinwalshstyle)


The fad has been sizzling for several months now, but arguably hit its apex in early summer when photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of director Greta Gerwig’s forthcoming Barbie movie circulated online. Soon after came photos of celebs including Hathaway, Florence Pugh, and Ariana DeBose dressed in all-pink ensembles at Valentino’s couture show in July.


Now fine jewelry designers and brands are also thinking pink, using pink gems such as  sapphire, pink diamond, spinel, and rhodochrosite, along with enamel, to create bold, rosy-hued designs. And because Barbiecore is all about piling pinks on top of pinks, we say bring on the pink jewels! Here are a few Barbie-worthy jewels to consider for your trend-loving clients.

Bowen NYC Aurora Borealis Necklace made of 18k gold cable chain lacquered with neon pink and hung with 11 carats of spinel; $16,350
Alina Abegg Pfefferminz Cherry Hoops with rubellite set in 14k rose gold;
Alina Abegg Pfefferminz Cherry Ring with rubellite set in 14k rose gold; $4,123

Solange Azagury diamond and pink lacquer ring set in 18k yellow gold, price on request


Ali Weiss Medium Ruby Lip necklace in 14k gold with rubies, $750
Sydney Evan Rainbow Bracelet with pink moonstone beads and charm with multi color sapphires set in 14k yellow gold; $730
Gaelle Khouri La Réfraction earrings in gold with white diamonds and oval-shaped pink sapphires, price on request
Tara Hirshberg Goddess Wrap Ring with dark pink sapphires set in 18k yellow gold; $2,400
Wempe By Kim Daily Colors Ring with pink tourmaline and diamond set in 18k rose gold;
Wempe Colonna Light Earrings with pink tourmalines and diamonds set in 18k rose gold;
Ray Griffiths Pink Spinel Edwardian Ring $5,500


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