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It’s Electric! Neon Jewelry Is Coming on Strong for Summer and Beyond

Judging by the bevy of just-dropped collections, jewelry designers are ready to get this party started. Or restarted, that is.


After the grim last few years we’ve all endured, a new spirit of exuberance is creeping back into many types of bibelots. And one of the most obvious examples of this in jewelry can be found in the array of rave-ready neon jewels that have been brightening up our inboxes.


Color-drenched designs have been on the rise for several years now. We all know rainbow-colored gems have been hot sellers—but their popularity has probably crested. Neon still feels new. And its entrance feels right on time for the return of Y2K fashion that’s been embraced by young fashion fans.


Jewelry designer Melissa Kaye, who first began incorporating neon enamel accents in her diamond-focused collection in 2019, has doubled down on the vibrancy in her latest collection, which frames eye-popping gemstones like Windex-blue paraibas and Jolly Rancher pink spinels with bezels in her palette of vivid enamels.


Even designers like Eva Fehren, typically known for sleek minimalism in black and white, are embracing the bright side. As Fehren’s 10th anniversary in business approached, she felt compelled to color outside the proverbial lines, introducing a range of chains and pendants in highlighter yellow. “I thought, if I’m going to do color that still feels like me, this is it,” Fehren says, acknowledging her usual preference for monochrome.


While though most of us don’t walk around in day-glo-colored clothes, it’s easy to incorporate a pop of neon in your jewelry. Many of the best neon jewels use the punchy colors sparingly, like Alison Lou’s neon-rimmed topaz huggies or Yvonne Léon’s candy-striped hoops spliced with sparkling diamond pave.


The fun colors have the uncanny ability to tone down the formality of fine jewelry, lending even the most precious gems a toss-it-on ease. That may be one reason why neon-tinged designs feel so right for right now: the electric tones make the “fine” in fine jewelry feel far more fun. —Kareem Rashed

Melissa Kaye pink spinel, enamel and 18k yellow gold ring, $12,700


Eva Fehren powdered-coated steel and 18k yellow gold chain and enamel pendant, from $295

Alison Lou white topaz, enamel and 14k yellow gold earring, $545


Yvonne Léon diamond, enamel and 9k yellow gold earrings, $2,760


Alice Cicolini enamel and 14k yellow gold ring, £1,200



Bea Bongiasca enamel, silver and 9k gold earrings, $820



Emily P. Wheeler aquamarine, topaz, peridot, rubellite, pink and green tourmaline, enamel and 18k yellow gold cuff, $24,000


Solange Azagury Partridge diamond, enamel and 18k white gold ring, £12,800


Midas Chain enamel and 14k yellow gold ring, $325


Marie Lichtenberg garnet, pearl, enamel and 14k yellow gold necklace, $3,359

Eéra diamond, enamel, silver and 18k white gold earring, $1,296


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