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10 Sublime Jewels from De Beers’ New High Jewelry Drop

De Beers Jewellers’ first release of its The Alchemist of Light high jewelry collection debuted in January 2022, and explored the major role light plays in diamonds’ exquisite sparkle.


Yesterday, the brand debuted “chapter two” of the collection, which Céline Assimon, CEO of the brand, says, “represents the most creatively and technically ambitious collection we have ever conceived and crafted…There are so many elements that push boundaries. Every piece is as exquisite as it is extraordinary.”


Indeed. The five distinct collections of one-of-a-kind jewels include styles with detachable elements (including an opulent choker that transforms into two cuffs), diamonds set into green chrysoprase and rock crystal in miraculous ways, and the use of pink- and blue-hued titanium in high-carat diamond pieces—a marvelous marriage that conjures a high-tech luxury vibe.


Here are 10 of our favorites from De Beers’ haute new offerings:



Op Art-inspired teardrop earrings featuring yellow round brilliant diamonds that swirl within polished black aluminum. The top part of the earrings feature a 1.26 ct. pear-shaped fancy deep greenish yellow diamond and 1.12 ct. pear-shaped fancy deep yellowish green diamond, respectively.


Above and below: A sculptural boule ring in deep rose aluminum and 18k rose gold. The aluminum was sanded to give it a matte finish, and at the ring’s center is a 1.01 carat radiant-cut fancy intense pink central diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection.


Bracelet with round brilliant white diamonds set into squares of Brazilian rock crystal, each piece individually cut for the piece. All pieces of the rock crystal were mounted on 18k polished white gold to give a mirror effect. “This layering aesthetic represents how ice gradually gains greater light intensity as it slowly starts to thaw to become more transparent at its edges,” explains the brand in a press release.


18k white gold ring featuring two interconnected whorls of blue aluminum and pavé-set white diamonds. At its center is a 0.5 ct. emerald-cut fancy intense blue diamond.



Ring with swirling fans of deep rose aluminum bordering  an arc of titanium that’s pavé- set with round brilliant white and intense pink diamonds and frames a marquise-shaped white diamonds and browny pink roughs. At its center sits a 1.24 ct. pear-shaped fancy brown orange diamond set in 18k rose gold.


Earring with dark blue titanium that fans out to frame light blue titanium, which is pavé-set with round brilliant white diamonds that graduate towards prong-set marquise-cut white diamonds and green roughs. Two fan motifs in the center abut an exquisite 2.10 ct. fancy dark grey emerald-cut diamond, set in titanium and appearing to free-float.


Ear cuff featuring a curve of pavé-set round brilliant white diamonds that hug the ear, while the lower half of the cuff features a 1.58 ct. princess-cut diamond and square-cut rock crystal. A fringe of pavé-set round brilliant diamonds within a marquise design gives way to a pristine row of marquise-shaped white diamonds. A single marquis-cut diamond stud rounds out the offering.


Above and below: A one-of-a-kind solitaire ring featuring an internally flawless oval-shaped 8.24 ct. white diamond from De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. The diamond sits within a single piece of specially selected rock crystal from Brazil, bombé cut for a seamless sculptural effect. This is inset with round brilliant white diamonds and backed in 18k white gold for a mirror finish.


Bangle featuring alternating bands of pavé-set round brilliant yellow diamonds and polished black aluminum centered on a 3.02 ct. oval-shaped fancy deep greyish green diamond.


All photos courtesy of De Beers Jewellers


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