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The Zing Minute—Retailer Edition! 60-Second Chats from the Floor of Las Vegas Jewelry Week

The Zing Report team set up a Zing-themed filming booth on the show floor of JCK Las Vegas to tape a series of one-minute interviews with jewelry industry friends—old and new! We ended up capturing more than 40 lively, speedy conversations with designers, retailers, association leaders, public relations pros, and others.


This week, we’re highlighting the 60-second interviews we did with retailers (the show’s buyers) at the show. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to mix it up with us in the portable Zing studio—we loved seeing you! If you missed last week’s designer chats, see it here.


Susan Wetzsteon, Mikesell’s Fine Jewelers


Cathy Calhoun, Calhoun Jewelers


Shelia Bayes, Gem + Jewel and Shelia Bayes


Juliet Slaby, Henne Jewelers


William Baxley, Avonlea Jewelers


Nine Pugliese, Henne Jewelers


Shauna Cowit, Jewelry Design Gallery


Juanita Addeo of Addeo Jewelers


Ronnie Malka, Malka Diamonds & Jewelry


Laura Underwood, Underwoods Fine Jewelers


Craig Underwood, Underwoods Fine Jewelers


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