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Check Out Le Vian’s Enormous New High Jewelry Collection

Encompassing 120 pieces, it’s Le Vian’s largest high jewelry offering yet. And several items are already starting to be snatched up, according to brand CEO Eddie Le Vian.


“Each piece in the collection is one of a kind, so it is a matter of first come first served,” he says. “We were inspired by the way auction houses devote enormous attention to describing the quality of extraordinary gemstones, the beautiful, informative catalogs they produce and all the thrill of online bidding.”


With this in mind, the launch of the 2022 high jewelry collection is accompanied by a shoppable online catalog that is updated as items sell and includes a reservation system that enables clients to view, reserve, and purchase items in real time.


“We saw an opportunity when other high jewelry brands pulled back during the pandemic, and we secured productions of natural color diamonds and precious and exotic gems along with the talents that were laid off by the major maisons,” says Le Vian.  “We combined these with our expertise in specialty-cut diamonds to create original high jewelry items.”


Magnificent yellow diamonds—a big story coming out of JCK Las Vegas 2021 that’s sure to be even bigger this year with so many colored diamonds dominating news headlines. (That green one in particular!)


You’ll be able to see many of the high jewelry pieces at the JCK shows in Las Vegas this June. In addition to colored diamonds, Le Vian’s signature-colored gemstones will also be on parade, including a rainbow of vibrant sapphires and masterfully cut specimens of aquaprase that invite you to get lost in their landscapes of peacock green streaked with white and brown.


“The high jewelry collection was and continues to be very much a move with the long term in mind,” says Le Vian.


As for the “regular” collections Le Vian will be unveiling in Las Vegas, you can expect them to borrow from the high jewelry range’s design themes and color stories. And lean into one precious metal in particular…


“One important aspect of the high jewelry collection that will also be more visible in Vegas is that Le Vian is taking steps to popularize platinum,” says Le Vian. “We have been significantly increasing our use of platinum and our platinum jewelry creations are now available in 700 of the stores in which Le Vian is sold. We believe there is an untapped opportunity for platinum in the U.S. market because Europe uses approximately 500,000 ounces of platinum a year, China uses 630,000 ounces while the US uses only 330,000 ounces. We have created our very own Le Vian platinum alloy which is designed to maximize the strength of the metal.”


With the spot price of gold inching towards $2,000, platinum jewelry—especially pieces that prominently show off Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds—sounds pretty sweet! —Amy Elliott


Bracelet featuring 6 5/8 cts. t.w. Sunny Yellow Diamonds, 9 3/8 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Honey Gold, $75,350
Earrings featuring 2 5/8 cts. Sunny Yellow Diamonds, 7/8 cts. Vanilla Diamonds, 1/4 cts. Strawberry Diamonds set in P18 Tri Color Gold, $41,900
Platinum and 18k Honey gold earrings with 8.9 cts. t.w. radiant cut Sunny Yellow diamonds and 3.18 cts. t.w. marquise Vanilla Diamonds, $84,200
Ring featuring 2 1/2 cts. t.w. Chocolate Diamonds, 1 1/5 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Two Tone Gold, $28,547
Ring featuring 7 7/8 ct. Costa Smeralda emerald, 2 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Two Tone Gold, $295,050
Presley platinum ring featuring 12.08 ct. emerald-cut Hunter’s Green tourmaline and .57 cts. near colorless Vanilla Diamonds, $30,448
Earrings featuring 15 5/8 cts. Sunny Yellow Diamonds and 1 3/8 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Honey Gold, $93,300
Bracelet featuring 18 1/6 cts. t.w. Sunny Yellow Diamonds, 3 3/8 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Honey Gold, $28,420


Top photo: Le Vian Couture Earrings featuring 9 1/4 cts. t.w. Sunny Yellow Diamonds and 1/4 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds set in P18 Honey Gold, $47,250


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