Month: April 2022

On the Road

AGS Conclave 2022: Business and Bliss in Oklahoma City

“What we have here as an organization is absolutely incredible,” said Craig Underwood, winner of the American Gem Society’s Robert M. Shipley...

Good News

AGS Conclave 2022: Female-Driven Panels Discuss Legacy and Leadership

“Responsibility.” It’s the answer several audience members shouted out during a panel session when asked to sum up the industry’s mandate for the...


Layaway is Helping Jewelers Close Sales Online—Is It For You?

“Layaway” may be one of the least dazzling words in the English dictionary. For many, the word surely conjures up TV ads featuring...

JM Intel

Staying Secure During Closing Time—A Checklist

Closing time in any retail store can offer moments of opportunity for criminals. There are often lots of moving parts (and people) during...

Trends and Fashion

Pearls Were Already Cool, Now They’re Playful

Don’t worry, we’re not going to say, “these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls.” At this point, that’s a given. The lustrous gems have been...

Good News

Famous Red Cross Diamond To Be Auctioned Again With Charitable Tie-In

The fancy intense yellow diamond pictured above has an unbreakable bond with one of the oldest international aid organizations, The Red Cross.  ...

Albert Ganjei European Watch Co

Q&A: Pioneering Pre-Owned Watch Retailer Albert Ganjei On How the Market’s Changed

Albert Ganjei was a corporate engineer before rearranging his professional life nearly 30 years ago to put pre-owned Swiss watches at the center...

JM Intel

What to Do If You’re Sprayed with Pepper Spray During a Robbery

On April 2, in a jewelry retail store in Phoenix, a sales associate was having trouble processing a credit card transaction for two...

Trends and Fashion

Ombré Jewelry is Setting the Tone for Spring

If a customer’s craving color, rainbow gemstone concepts are plentiful, and decidedly on-trend. But for those who prefer something monochrome—but also acutely modern—an...

Emilie Shapiro jewelry

Zing Zoom: Jewelry Designer Emilie Shapiro on Education and Making the Industry Less Secretive

Welcome to Zing Zoom, our video series that features bite-sized video interviews with some of the industry’s most interesting, delightful and dynamic members!   This...