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JM Intel Insights VIDEO: What Jewelry Retailers Need to Know About Inflation


There’s a lot in the news right now about inflation. Prices in the U.S. are going up at their fastest rate since the early 1980s (they rose 7.9% in February compared to the year prior). Not surprisingly, this is making many jewelry retailers and manufacturers nervous—and a few have shared their worries with us regarding the rising costs of finished jewelry, jewelry materials, and the bigger impact inflation could have on consumers’ desire to spend on luxury goods.


Hoping to shed light on these and other issues pertaining to inflation, we rounded up a few business-savvy fine jewelry retailers—Marco and Paola Miserendino, co-owners of Bijouterie Italienne and Holly Wesche, owner of Wesche Jewelers—and a handful of experts from Jewelers Mutual for a discussion that focuses on what retailers and manufacturers need to know (and do!) to protect their business in this era of soaring costs.


Refill that coffee mug, sit back, and enjoy this fascinating conversation!



Marco and Paola Miserendino
, co-owners of Bijouterie Italienne
Holly Wesche, owner of Wesche Jewelers
Mark Devereaux, vice president of sales at Jewelers Mutual
Jamie Luce, executive vice president of Jewelers Mutual Group
Don Elliott, director of claims for Jewelers Mutual Group
Moderated by Emili Vesilind, senior content editor at Jewelers Mutual Group


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