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Jewelry Industry Responds to War in Ukraine

FENG J Haute Joaillerie earrings.jpg
FENG J Haute Joaillerie earrings.jpg

The jewelry industry is a compassionate one. In times of crisis, we always see outpourings of empathy and activism from within the community. Faced with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a new crisis that’s already resulted in hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing to neighboring countries—and millions more living in daily fear of war’s ravages—jewelry professionals across the U.S. have responded on social media.


Donations are needed for on-the-ground programs for both displaced and in-country Ukrainians, and several jewelry and gem industry players are helping with those efforts via auctions, direct donations and awareness. Even more are posting messages of solidarity with Ukrainiansm, using the #standwithukraine hashtag in posts about the conflict.


Here’s what they’re saying and doing:


Bea Bongiasca
Jewelry brand


Ukraine Bea Bongiasca
Ukraine Bea Bongiasca


The Diamond Edit
Jewelry journalist Jessica Diamond

Ukraine Diamond Edit


Joy’s Tiny Treasures
Jewelry retailer

Ukraine Joys Tiny Treasure


Marla Aaron
Jewelry designer


For Future Reference
Brand development agency

Ukraine For Future Reference


New York City Jewelry Week
Organizers of NYCJW

Ukraine NYCJW


Engagement 101
Jewelry Instagram

Ukraine Engagement 101


The Adventurine
Jewelry website

Ukraine Adventurine


Margery Hirshey
Jewelry designer

Ukraine Margery Hirschey


Melanie C. Grant
Jewelry author/journalist


Ukraine Melanie C Grant.

Jewelry brand


Ukraine Talon


Some organizations collecting donations and working on the ground for Ukranians:

Together Rising

World Central Kitchen


United Help Ukraine


—Emili Vesilind


Top photo: Feng J Haute Joaillerie earrings 


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