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5 Reasons Why Criminals Target Shopping Mall Jewelers

Oculus Westfield World Trade Center
Oculus Westfield World Trade Center

Did you know that jewelry stores in mall locations are a leading target for a variety of crimes, particularly smash-and-grab robberies? It seems counterintuitive; with their security guards and complicated camera setups, shopping malls can feel especially safe and secure for retailers. And why would a thief target a store inside a larger environment that presents a more complicated exit route? Here are five reasons why:


Showcase displays are front and center

The open concept of jewelry stores in malls often leaves no other physical barriers to slow down an attack on showcases. This makes the construction quality of the showcases all the more important.


They’re easier to case

In order to attract customers, high profile items are routinely placed in the very showcases that are front and center. This also allows criminals to case a store from multiple distances, and easily blend in with shoppers while doing so.


Guards may be less experienced

The ideal security guard for jewelers is an armed, active, and uniformed off-duty police officer. But property management groups and local law enforcement sometimes don’t allow malls to be staffed by such guards—and guards with fewer tools and scant experience are less imposing to criminals.


There may be more employee turnover

Depending on the mall retailer, there may be more staff turnover at mall locations than in standalone stores, and criminals look for inexperienced employees to target.


There are plenty of escape options

Foot and vehicle traffic is high in malls, which (again) allows criminals to blend into crowds, even after they’ve committed a crime. Remember: Never pursue criminals, even if you can identify them in crowds of people. —Logan Moore 


Photo: NYC’s Oculus (inside the Westfield World Trade Center shopping mall) by Arthur Brognoli from Pexels


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