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Awesome Amethyst: Fresh Designs Featuring February’s Vibrant Birthstone

Misahara Koko amethyst ring
Misahara Koko amethyst ring

Plenty of four-year-olds will tell you that their favorite color is purple, a hue that’s linked to princesses, wizard caps, unicorn manes and magic crayons. As such, many will grow up to have an implicit affection for amethyst, which comes in a spectrum of light-to-vivid shades. Some may even recall that the protagonist of the book Anne of Green Gables imagines that diamonds are purple until she sees an amethyst for the first time, set in a brooch. “Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?” she asks.


Fortunately, we understand the gemological particulars of amethyst entirely. The gem is the rarest member of the quartz family and was once considered rarer and more valuable than diamonds. It became less exclusive when substantial deposits were found in Brazil in the 1800s and today the best amethyst hails from that country and other parts of South America, Mexico and the African nations of Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania.


Connoisseurs and collectors are partial to Siberian (also known as “Deep Russian”) amethyst harvested from the famed Ural Mountains—the rarest and highest quality available due to its exceptionally vibrant, velvety purple color.


The word “amethyst” is a derivative of the word amethystos, the Greek word for “not intoxicated.” They believed that the stone could ward off the potent, mind-altering effects of alcohol because of a myth involving Dionysus (everyone’s favorite lush) and a nymph he hoped to seduce. Today you’ll still hear references to the stone’s ability to at least prevent a hangover (just for laughs, feel free to make mention of this the next time you find yourself at an industry event).


Purple is a color long associated with royalty, and amethysts have accessorized regal ensembles for thousands of years. Cleopatra wore an amethyst ring. The Sovereign’s Scepter, one of the most famous of the Crown Jewels originally created for Charles II in 1661, is garnished with an enormous amethyst sphere. And this article details the many, many magnificent amethyst parures and tiaras worn by everyone from Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg and The Duchess of Cornwall to Queen Elizabeth herself.


No question that amethyst is a stunning when set in jewelry, but anyone who has ever attended the Tucson gem show knows they are equally prized in crystal form—imagine a pair of 6-foot-high amethyst cathedral geodes gracing the entryway of your home. (For perspective, a 12-foot-high amethyst glamazon greets visitors at the newly redesigned gem and mineral hall at the American Museum of Natural History.)


Beyond its purported ability to temper the effects of intoxication, amethyst is considered a healing, cleansing crystal, promoting peace and harmony within the mind and spirit. To wit: the Hebrew word for amethyst is ahlamah, or “dream stone” because the gem was believed to calm the mind, resulting in pleasant dreams.


Even so, would you be able to sleep while wearing one of the amethyst jewels showcased below? The ones with that electric purple hue are practically begging for an all-nighter, but they’re all pretty dreamy. —Amy Elliott


Via Orefici amethyst earrings
Colore E8 Earrings in 18k gold with amethyst, $3,740; Via Orefici Jewelry


Cristina Santos earrings
Wisteria earrings in 14k gold with hand-carved amethyst flower, moonstone, rock crystal quartz flower, amethysts and diamonds, $3,650; Cristina Santos


Retrouvai amethyst ring
Heirloom bezel ring in 14k gold with emerald-cut Madagascar amethyst, $3,330; Retrouvaí 


Jenna Blake amethyst necklace
Amethyst Fringe necklace in 18k gold with diamonds, $18,000 Jenna Blake


Original Eve amethyst earrings
Natural rose-cut amethyst drop earrings in 18k recycled gold. $2,400; Original Eve


McFarlane Laser Cut Amethyst Earrings
Laser-cut amethyst earrings in 18k recycled gold, $940; McFarlane Fine Jewelry


Joely Rae Celine Amethyst Drops
Amethyst marquise hoops in 14k gold with diamonds, $1,350; Joely Rae Jewelry
Atelier Wolf Cubic Studs
Cubic Studs #1 in recycled 22k gold with Brazilian amethyst and Mozambique pink tourmaline, $2,800; Atelier Wolff
Emily P Wheeler amethyst ring
Chubby ring in turquoise and 18k gold with amethyst and diamonds, $8,200; Emily P. Wheeler


Pamela Huizenga amethyst earring
Earrings in 18k gold with amethyst drops, pink tourmaline, purple garnet, pink sapphires, and diamonds, $23,600; Pamela Huizenga
Katey Walker necklace
Large amethyst heart necklace in 18k gold, $1,095; Katey Walker


Jolly Bijou amethyst ring
Otto ring in 14k gold with baguette cut amethysts, $2,275; Jolly Bijou


GFG Noir Collection amethyst
Noir Collection necklace in black rhodium-plated 18k gold with black diamonds and Zambian amethyst, $2,500; GFG Jewellery


Harwell Godfrey necklace
Evil Eye pendant necklace in 18k gold with amethyst, mother of pearl, and diamonds, $3,100; Harwell Godfrey
Assael Amethyst earrings
Earrings in platinum with emerald-cut amethysts, detachable Tahitian pearl drops, and lavender spinel, $14,200; Assael


Top photo: Koko ring in 18k gold with 50.76 ct. emerald-cut amethyst, $3,500; Misahara


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