Month: January 2022

Misahara Koko amethyst ring
Trends and Fashion

Awesome Amethyst: Fresh Designs Featuring February’s Vibrant Birthstone

Plenty of four-year-olds will tell you that their favorite color is purple, a hue that’s linked to princesses, wizard caps, unicorn manes...

Jasper gem

Tucson Gem Week 2022: The Must-See Shows

Like all live industry events, Tucson Gem Week has changed and evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year’s packed lineup of shows...

A King warhol brooch
Good News

‘Simply Brilliant’ Exhibition Spotlights Overlooked Jewelry From the ’60s and ’70s

When jewelry historian and collector Kimberly Klosterman began collecting jewelry from the 1960s and 1970s, works from major talents of the day were...

Jewelry case
JM Intel

How to Spot (and Stop) Employee Theft at Your Store

Because of the high value and highly portable nature of the merchandise, a jewelry store can be a tempting place for both prospective...

Enigma black diamond

Check Out the 555 Ct. ‘Enigma’ Black Diamond Headed to Auction Next Month

It has a name befitting its extraordinary qualities: The Enigma. And at 555.55 cts., it’s about the size of a plump clementine orange....

Sandwich Love dog in pearls
Good News

Jewelry Writer Debuts Jewelry E-Comm to Fund Dog Rescues in South Korea

Writing about trends and fashion in jewelry is Ashley Davis’ day job—she’s National Jeweler’s longtime senior fashion editor. But over the years, the...

Katkim Marquise Sunset ring
Trends and Fashion

The East/West Engagement Ring Trend is Exactly The Right Direction for 2022

The youngest engagement ring shoppers out there are veering as far away from tradition as they possibly can. Yellow diamonds are having a...

Crime scene tape
JM Intel

Jewelry Thieves Often Impersonate Others—Here’s How to Thwart Their Act

Even if you have solid store security, your establishment isn’t immune to thieves who are willing to get creative to pull of a...


Zing Zoom: Talking Influence and Instagram with Third Coast Gems’ Benjamin Guttery

Welcome to Zing Zoom, our video series that features bite-sized video interviews with some of the industry’s most interesting, delightful and dynamic members!...

Omi Prive ring
Trends and Fashion

Platinum Rising: The Iciest Precious Metal is Enjoying a Resurgence

Platinum isn’t new—it’s ancient. And interstellar. Two billion years ago, the precious metal hitched a ride to Earth on meteorites that buried it...