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Swoon! Architect Ramona Albert’s First Jewelry Collection is Seriously Covetable

“I think that the world needs access to great design and ideas in general,” says Ramona Albert, a well-known architect and founder of Ramona Albert Architecture P.C. “It’s kind of my responsibility as a designer to open up my work to everyone.”


Albert, who’s based in Long Island, N.Y., is now bringing her design savvy to jewelry lovers: the architect has debuted an eponymous collection of real gold and gold-plated jewels that meld organic forms with details that feel like they were plucked from a sci-fi movie. The collection is deeply rooted in the use of design technology, and its 3D-rendered and hand-finished pieces are crammed with rippling folds and interlocking lines that form artful open spaces.


“The jewelry work is an extension of the architectural work, and it allows me to be playful and imaginative on a different level,” Albert tells The Zing Report. She adds, “Design defies scale; at a smaller scale details become more important, so we need to give them more attention, but it takes the same careful creativity and research to create these objects.”


And as in architecture, “the design of the jewelry responds to a certain question or need to define a certain idea,” she says. “My pieces are meant to accentuate the movement of the body in an elegant way and to create a subconscious connection to the natural world—and my architecture work is very much the same, connected to nature, so there is a continuous relationship between the two.”


Ramona Albert 14k gold-plated brass Wrap bracelet, $750


Ramona Albert Chrysalis bracelet
Ramona Albert 14k gold-plated brass Chrysalis bracelet, $700


Ramona Albert 14k gold Bloom ring, $1,000 without the stone


Ramona Albert Shell bracelet
Ramona Albert 14k gold-plated brass Shell bracelet, $600


Top photo: Model in Ramona Albert rings (all photos courtesy of Ramona Albert) 


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