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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your (Jewelry-Loving) Staff and Coworkers

While nothing beats the gift of a holiday bonus doled out in cash, or failing that, a few days of paid time off after the holiday rush, giving your employees a present of some sort is always a good idea. It’s a way to show your appreciation, boost morale during your busiest season, and otherwise spread some festive good cheer.


Where to begin? Below is a gift guide featuring ideas that have a compelling tie-in to the thing that unites all of us: gems and jewelry. Some simply have the luster of luxury—a flash of rose gold here, a vibrant jewel tone there—that nods to the world jewelry professionals inhabit. And all of our picks are almost certainly something one would never buy for themselves; they definitely live in the rare indulgence/special treat category (and that’s the whole point).


If you’re a retailer, remember that quite a few of these lines wholesale their goods so that’s a win for your wallet (minimum orders may apply). And if you work for a supplier with a ton of employees based here, there, and everywhere, then most of these ideas can be recast as client appreciation gifts.


We don’t have to mention shipping delays because…well, you know better than anyone that this is not the year to procrastinate. So, take a look, “add to cart,” and get back to work!



Released in November 2021, this tome is gloriously oversized and deluxe, and looks great on desks and coffee tables. Sapphire: A Celebration of Color by Joanna Hardy (Thames & Hudson), $116.33 on Amazon

A very stylish, very New York version of the standard box of chocolates (which is always a good call). The malachite-patterned packaging is the cherry on top. 12-piece chocolate tin in Howard Harrison Malachite, $40; Louis Sherry


As lustrous as colored beads, each of these candles has a special lacquer finish applied by the artisans at Cereria Graziani, a Tuscan chandler in operation since 1805. Italian ball candles, $18 each; MoMa Design Store


Pair with a bottle of Champagne if they’ve gone above and beyond this year! Waterfall Champagne Coupes, $64 for set of 4; Anthropologie


Like jewelry for your dressing table, mantle, or bookshelf. Ripple boxes, $260 each; Jonathan Adler



For that “rock star” employee, a gift that delivers daily doses of good vibes and gorgeousness. Crystal advent calendar, $90; Etsy


The perfect catchall for a messy desk, featuring artwork by industry favorite artist, Lisa Bayer. Diamonds glass trinket tray, $150; @SketchNYC


This souvenir from “Before Yesterday We Could Fly,” a groundbreaking new room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art designed in collaboration with NYC jeweler extraordinaire Ten Thousand Things could bring a staffer lots of luck in the New Year. Egyptian Scarab charm necklace, $100; The Met x Ten Thousand Things


A very glamorous way for a jewelry person to “ring” in the New Year at the dining room table. Bauble napkin ring in pearl and silver, $120 for set of 4; Kim Seybert


Caffeine and colored gemstones: What could be better for the coffee fiend in your crew? Favorite Gemstones coffee mug, $15; Julers Row


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