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What Jewelers Need to Know About Responding to Activated Alarms

JEWELER SPOTLIGHT: Brian Stamey, International Diamond Center


Dealing with false alarms can put stress on your security system and cost you time and additional expenses. However, an alarm not responded to can put your business at risk and if you respond to an alarm alone, you could be putting your safety in jeopardy.


One way to avoid putting yourself in danger is to have your alarm company inspect your system on an annual basis to ensure all its components are working properly. Another way is to hire a trained and reliable alarm response service to respond to activated alarms.


Jewelers Mutual Group recently joined with Securitas, a highly regarded leader in protective services, to make the Alarm Response Program by JM™ Risk Services available to jewelers. This program provides peace of mind knowing that trained security officers are ready and able to respond to any type of security alarm breach, threat or concern.


Participating jewelers pay the same low annual fee for service no matter how many times alarms are responded to. Through the Alarm Response Program, every alarm is treated like it is real with no costly consequences if it’s not.




What Jewelers are Saying about the Alarm Response Program

We sat down with Brian Stamey from International Diamond Center to talk about his experience with the Alarm Response Program. Here’s what he had to say:


Jewelers Mutual: Tell us about your experience with the Alarm Response Program.

Being a family business with ten stores, the Alarm Response Program has allowed me to free up my time. Now, I’m monitoring less stores, getting fewer calls from the alarms at the stores, and knowing that we are going to have somebody that, if there is a need, will respond. Before I get a call, they’ve already called Securitas and dispatched a security officer.

For a family business owner, our goal is to reinvest back into our business and what’s in our vault is our livelihood.


Brian Stamey: Why do you choose to use the Alarm Response Program supported by Securitas vs. other alarm response services?

This program has been a Godsend when it comes to alarm response. We’ve had issues with communication failures and were racking up fines left and right – overall, we weren’t getting anywhere with our alarm company provider. Quite frankly, the number of legitimate providers out there who are certified and can cater to businesses of our size are few and far between.

I could have bought 10 more alarm systems just in fines if it weren’t for Jewelers Mutual and this program. They have made my life so much easier by lessening the amount of alarm calls I get at night.


How do you feel loss prevention is mitigated with the Alarm Response Program?

In the past, when we get a call with a security concern, I’d spend the next 30 minutes to an hour just watching cameras. Now, if there is a call that comes in during the night, I can rest easier knowing that as I watch the cameras, Securitas is also going out to follow up and do an on-site check. It’s the same to me as a sheriff pulling up and checking it out. I feel comfortable knowing we are protected in addition to our third-party security and backup security.


How do you feel knowing the Alarm Response Program supported by Securitas is there for you during hard times?

It truly provides peace of mind. I feel more secure in our markets protected by the Alarm Response Program supported by Securitas.

It’s a jeweler’s worst nightmare to see people scurrying around the store, and now that we have Securitas to step in, it provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


How does the Alarm Response Program impact your overall business?

The biggest thing it does is reduce fines and non-events. It makes sure that police aren’t dispatched when it’s a non-concern event. The effects trickle down because the less time we are worrying about our security every night, the more time we have available to focus on other areas of our business.


In terms of the response program’s usability and support, what has been your experience?

The support has been very helpful, and I appreciate knowing that if I have a question, there’s an actual person on the other line to talk to.


What would you want other jewelers to know about this Alarm Response Program?

The program makes a lot of sense. It takes a lot off your plate, makes your life easier for you, and lets you know you’ve got somebody who’s watching out for you. To me, it’s a no-brainer to put this service into play, mitigate risk and avoid potential loss.


How the Alarm Response Program Works

If your alarm system sounds, a Securitas security officer in your area will be dispatched to your location. The responding officer will investigate the area and enact the proper response:


  • If the area is clear, the officer will contact your alarm monitoring company.
  • If an issue is found, the officer will contact the proper authorities.


Real-time reporting alerts you to any security issues.


Advantages of the Alarm Response Program

  • Avoid costly expenses associated with law enforcement responding to false alarms.
  • Save time and stress knowing an experienced security officer can handle the routine case of alarms and respond quickly.
  • Feel confident in 24/7 alarm dispatch capabilities in serviceable locations.


Learn more about the Alarm Response Program by visiting jewelersmutual.com/alarm-response-program.

To find out if your jewelry business is in a serviceable location, email [email protected].


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