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Halloween-Ready Jewelry! Chic Pieces With That Super-Spooky Vibe

Spiders, snakes, beetles, and other creepy-crawlies. They’re some of fine jewelry’s oldest and most enduring motifs.


The Egyptians viewed the scarab (beetle) as a symbol of rebirth, while the Romans used coiled snakes in their jewels to symbolize everlasting love; snakes also were big with the Victorians after Queen Victoria debuted a snake ring inlaid with an emerald, her birth stone.


These and other fantastical motifs—including magic wands, Medusa, celestial elements, and tarot cards—that have become wildly popular in recent years. Nearly every fine jewelry collection boasts a snake or two (Meija and Sorrelina have artful new serpent pieces), and several brands, including Acid Queen Jewelry and Sophia Zakia, have built their business by delving into spooky motifs and themes.


And of course, beautifully creepy jewels are always ideal accoutrements for Halloween! Here’s a collection of new jewels that shine every day of the year, but also embody the Halloween spirit.



Ashley Zhang pendant
Ashley Zhang’s new Mourning collection includes this Georgian-inspired Mourning Pendant, $2,800, forged in 18k yellow gold with hand-enameling and a 0.17 ct. diamond



Sofia Zakia Ghost pendant
Sofia Zakia Ghost pendant, $525, in 14k yellow gold with diamond eyes



Acid Queen Prophetess necklace
Acid Queen Prophetess necklace in sterling silver and lemon quartz, $320



Pamela Love snakes
Pamela Love 14k yellow gold Serpent Ruby clicker earring with rubies and diamonds, $450



Trademark Antiques spider ring
Trademark Antiques Spider ring in 14k yellow gold with a Boulder opal center stone, $1,350


Ray Griffiths snake ring
Ray Griffiths Crownwork Snake Ring with pink sapphire eyes, $3,490



Sophia Zakia pendant crow
Sophia Zakia Dark Sermon pendant in sterling silver with ruby eyes, $200 


Talon skull earrings
Talon Skull earrings in 14k gold with Australian opal eyes, $196


Celestial Harem Pinky Ring $ 1,800.00
Eden Presley 14k gold, enamel, and diamond Celestial Harem Pinky Ring, $1,800



Top photo: Sophia Zakia jewelry including a witchy tarot card pendant (courtesy of Sophia Zakia)



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