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​​Is a Door Buzzer System or Mantrap Right for Your Jewelry Business?

As a jewelry or gem company owner, you’re always mindful of who’s coming in and out of your door. And either a door buzzer system or a mantrap—a small space having two separate sets of interlocking doors—could be useful in preventing theft.


Their usage comes with a few caveats, though. Simply installing either system and thinking it will act as a silver bullet for stopping jewelry crime is far from the truth.


Carefully consider these questions when examining whether a door buzzer system or mantrap is right for your business.


Does the Mantrap Comply with Fire Codes?


Mantraps use two locked doors to secure premises. One admits the first visitor to an entrance where the individual is identified, and another allows the person to enter the business. This process repeats itself for each individual visitor.


Fire codes often require that the doors remain unlocked from the inside so that dangerous situations like these don’t develop: 


  • A legitimate customer becomes stranded during a fire or a crime that is in progress.


  • A criminal attempts a robbery or theft and can’t figure out how to exit.


Do You Have an Operating Plan for Your Door Buzzer System?


The issue of allowing a potential criminal into your business is straightforward, but falsely identifying customers as criminals can affect more than your sales — it can also lead to a negative public image.


That’s why all of your employees must know how to properly admit customers and how to deal with a suspicious incident.


These are a few things you should consider examining in detail with your agent or broker:


  • Who has the final authority to admit or deny a person at the door?


  • What reasons will they give for not granting access to your business?


  • Will the police be contacted immediately or will the incident be reported to a crime network?


  • What will your business’s response be in the event of negative publicity?



Are there other areas of your security that need attention?


Mantraps can be costly to install and while door buzzer systems are simple, they require consistent operating standards to avoid any issues. Besides, both of these may not even have as large an impact as other areas of your security that are essential, such as:




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