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Design Details: Jovana Djuric’s Horus Rings are Precious Flights of Fancy

Wings—attached to birds, butterflies, and as ethereal standalone elements—are ubiquitous motifs in jewelry design. The ancient Egyptians put wings on scarabs and depicted phoenix, falcons, and other fierce birds in their jewelry. It’s far more rare to see the concept of flight successfully expressed in an abstract design. But that’s precisely what Serbian-born designer Jovana Djuric’s new Horus rings embody. 

Their core design is marvelously muscular: each band anchors a single, thick spike that splays long and low over an adjacent finger (or fingers; Djuric offers three sizes to accommodate your particular level of daring). But the rings are really meant to be stacked—because when they’re worn together they resemble the layered, linear feathers of a majestic bird. 


“They’re supposed to give the impression of the flight,” Djuric confirms to The Zing Report. The design was further inspired by “the ultimate refined form,” she says, adding that when the rings she was “seeking to answer ‘What is the core of power and beauty that is devoid of all the baggage we carry around?’ I also wanted to create a physical expression of the sense of moving forward, and curiosity, which I think is the driving force of our lives.”


The masterstroke design is also a manifestation of Djuric’s rich and high-level experience in jewelry creation. The designer, who recently moved to Mexico after two decades in New York City, designed jewelry for fashion house Givenchy before working as design director for legendary atelier Robert Lee Morris, then eventually developing her namesake brand. But even before her stints at A-list companies, “I have always been a designer,” asserts Djuric, who when asked how old she is says, “I am ageless!”


Jovana Djuric Horus rings stack up to resemble bejeweled feathers
Jovana Djuric Horus rings cast.
Top and above: Casting process details show the various ring sizes 
Jovana Djuric Horus rings
A diamond-topped Horus glimmers from beneath the stack


(All photos courtesy of Jovana Djuric Jewelry)


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